Geisinger has announced that Google has picked Geisinger Health’s CEO David Feinberg to take control of Google’s health strategy. Google is all set to move into the $3 trillion health care sector and to see that Google functions fully, efficiently and effectively in their new health care strategy, they have picked David Feinberg. Google’s health initiatives are fragmented and it overlaps with many different business groups. Feinberg’s job as the leader of their health strategy would be to organize Google’s health initiatives with an experienced hand. Jeff Dean, head of the Artificial Intelligence sector has personally been interviewing the candidates for this job. The man appointed for the job, it is said, will work closely with Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Google’s core search team, its cloud business, the Google Brain artificial intelligence team (one of several groups at Alphabet working on AI), the Nest home automation group and the Google Fit wearables team will fall into the new health care. Feinberg will also see to building out a health team within Nest so that they can monitor the health schemes of both present and ex-employees. Some of the companies like Verily and the DeepMind group are already doing work in health care. So it is not clear right now how Feinberg will work with these companies. Managing the health care of these companies will prove to be a herculean task for Feinberg. Some of the companies already have powerful executives who have a keen interest in health care. Google is taking their baby steps in the health area.

Other companies are also making their entrances in other departments with which they previously had no association like Apple is making investments in the space and in health hardware, Amazon is looking into prescription medicines, medical supplies, and employer health.