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Top 9 tips for designing the perfect logos

Dec 4, 2018, 11:31 am

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Branding is one of the most important aspects of the business whether new or old. Businesses need to be very attentive towards their branding strategy in order to be successful in the market. Business branding lets businesses have a recognized identity that consumers tend to get attached with. One major aspect of branding is creating a logo. The logo is the face of any business as it is used for representing a business at many platforms. The logo is a small image that holds all your business values and reflects your identity.

Accordingly, logo designing is an art that needs you to think analytically and come up with designs that will be aesthetically appealing on the outside and fiercely functional from the marketing perspective as well. Creating a logo with such balance is not an easy task. This is why graphic designers demand a lot of money for creating logos.

Businesses who cannot afford expensive logos or who want to create their logo by themselves often choose to go with the online logo designing apps. If you too are a new business and you want to create your own logo online free, you need to know a few basic tips of logo designing in order to create an effective logo.

First, Design a Logo Strategy:

Before you start with the designing of your logo, make sure you have a strategy that will help you create an effective design. Understand that there has to be a purpose behind your design. Your design should be made to stick to the audience’s mind. The colors, fonts, background, design techniques, and everything else should be focused on creating a strong design that will be remembered and admired by your consumers. Know well who your consumers are and design accordingly.

Build a Free Website That Grows Your Business

Easily build a free website to help you get discovered and grow your customer base in style. Start today with our powerful free website builder.

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Other than this point, you can add chunks to your logo strategy according to your own needs to the logo strategy. For instance, one more point that you can add is identity development.

Identity Development:

Remember that a logo design is a representation of your brand. It is your identity in the marketplace through which your competitors, consumers, and other entities get to know you. This is what you need to understand before starting your logo designing. Everything about your design should reflect who you are. If you are a fashion business, your design, your colors, your fonts, and everything else in your logo should vividly demonstrate that. In order to remember all of the crucial points of your logo strategy, write down your strategy before starting the designing phase.

Above two points where for you to know before starting the design process. Now, here are a few other tips that will help you create a good logo design.

Color Psychology

When we look at a logo, the first element that our eyes perceive in a logo are the colors that are used. Colors are the elements that we remember vividly about a design. We can recall a good design only by seeing a vague image of it where the colors are visible. So they play an important part in making the design memorable.

Build a Free Website That Grows Your Business

Easily build a free website to help you get discovered and grow your customer base in style. Start today with our powerful free website builder.

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Moreover, colors have a strong impact on the audience’s mind. Colors are translated into different emotions and ideas. Sharp colors represent boldness and other such ideas while dull colors are perceived to have a different meaning. You need to have a grip on these theories about the colors in order to be able to choose the right colors for your logo.

Peculiarity is Essential

As we discussed in the beginning, a logo’s most significant purpose is to develop a brand’s identity. It is supposed to represent a brand at different platforms. This purpose demands a logo to be unique. A logo design should set the brand apart from its competitors and should enhance its individuality.

Scalable Design

One tip that will come really handy for you is to choose a design that will be scalable and fit in easily that different printing and digital platforms. You can also choose to keep different versions of your design to make sure that the efficiency of your design is not affected at different platforms.

Follow Good Trends

Following logo, trends are important as it makes you appear modern and up-to-date. You can check out different online blogs and websites in order to have an idea about the major trends. Also, make sure you choose trending logo designs that suit your brand.


Though it is important to follow the design trends, it is also important to ensure that your design is versatile and will be suitable for multiple platforms. Versatile design is the one that has a well-blend notion of rootedness and originality. It should look modern, yet it should have an authentic look as well.

Minimalized Design

Keep your design simple and minimal. A minimal design is easier to grasp and thus, it is easily remembered. This is human psychology that it does not pay attention to something that seems to be difficult to be understood. This is why it is good to have a minimal design that will attract attention and will be processed easily. They are also good at conveying the exact message of business without complicating it.

Have Feedback

Once you are done with the designing, make sure you have feedback from your team or your audience, if possible. Having feedback gives you a good chance for improving your mistakes and overcoming the ineffectual elements. After this testing phase of feedback, adjust the mistakes and launch your logo in the market confidently.

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