The commercial service; YouTube TV that streams more than 60 live TV networks using the internet is now facing glitch on Apple TVs as per many users. The users of Apple TVs highlights on the issues that they are facing since a week.

Viewers have reported their complaints as some say the video first buffers, and then take an unnecessarily long time to load, following which the picture quality deteriorates before switching to the actually selected one.

It’s been over a week and people have taken on social media platform to complain about the issue that they have been facing.

Different platforms like online discussion Reddit has been flooded with viewer’s complaints. But the question is; is the YouTube team nonchalant to not see to the issue? No, they aren’t, they are much aware of the grievances and have been actively responding to them. As YouTube responds they suggest their viewers to keep reinstalling the app or factory as it has been useful for some users.

The YouTube TV app on Apple TV issue needs to be fixed as soon as possible and YouTube is actively working on it.