New information spotted by Android Police indicates that Google is working on a small, smooth, and extremely comfortable update to the Google Assistant interface. According to screen captures received by the site from its readers, the company already begins to adopt a new style to facilitate the search and navigation.

The screenshot show when you launch the app, a new set of buttons at the bottom of the screen, but with the same functions that already existed in the previous version and were displayed on the same screen.

Google Assistant UIIn this latest version, the function icons Explore (similar to the compass) and Visual Snapshot (that looks like a small box being opened, the dawn of the day before sunrise, or whatever else you can interpret) out of the top of the interface and are taken to the bottom.

While both icons have been moved to each lower on the end side of the app, and now the Google Lens and Keyboard icons (which have been replaced by the Explore and Snapshot icons) are just next to the Wizard icon, totaling five icons on the bottom edge of the new interface against only the three of before.

Of course, this is not a big change, but it is enough for many users to thank Google for putting all the icons on the bottom edge, making it much easier to access functions on smartphones with large screens.

Perhaps the new interface is still in testing, so more news should emerge in the coming months if the company is considering implementing the new interface for all users.