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Google kills Chinese search engine Project Dragonfly

Dec 17, 2018, 9:33 pm

The under-process Google’s modeling work which is on how the search engine product will be working in the sovereignty of Chinese internet has entirely departed, as per the reports coming in. This decision was taken by the company to respond to all the internal complaints made by the employees about the Dragonfly being hidden from the employees.

Heads of various departments also questioned the secrecy kept regarding Dragonfly, and they also unitedly signed an internal petition to end this project.

The whole modeling of Google done on all the data which was gathered from a Chinese website obtained in the year of 2018 from Cai Wensheng called The site operated normally news bulletin with few web search function and general interests which directly routed all the queries to Baidu and then Google was supposed to censor the results and metadata.

All these look like that the private sector had no idea about this project before it was reported and also interrogated engineers regarding Dragonfly charge. data is now banned for the purpose of modeling as an end result.

One of the sources stated that “The 265 data was integral to Dragonfly, access to the data has been suspended now, which has stopped progress.”

One of the former Google workers fingered out and called China lead a co-originator Scott Beaumont an obstructionist.

Yonatan Zunger said, “Beaumont did not feel that the security, privacy, and legal teams should be able to question his product decisions, and maintained an openly adversarial relationship with them, Quite outside the Google norm.”

Sunder Pichai the CEO stated that there was no official plan by Google to launch a search engine in China or to accommodate it to Great Firewall.

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