We are about to look ahead to a time when autonomous driving will become the norm, and Kia Motors is previewing a range of new technologies developed for the post-autonomous driving era at the Consumer Electronics Show 2019.

Kia’s READ system uses artificial intelligence from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that enables to monitor a passenger’s emotional state and then optimizing and personalizing the cabin experience. This means the vehicle will be able to diagnose stress levels via bio-signal recognition technology.  Kia Vehicle control technology can read facial expressions and monitor heart rate and electrodermal activity, and then through the use of lighting and sounds create a more relaxing environment.

Kia MotorsKia Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving System (R.E.A.D.) along with optimizing and personalizing a vehicle cabin space it can also tailor the interior environment according to its assessment thus potentially altering conditions associating to the five senses within the cabin hence creating a more joyful mobility experience.

Another innovative Kia Emotional intelligence features include Kia’s R.E.A.D. System that is the music-response vibration seats. Here occupants can ‘feel’ their favorite songs as well as listen to them. The sensory-based signal processing technology adapts seat vibrations according to sound frequencies of the music being played.

The system also uses cameras to monitor user’s eyes and fingertip position, allowing him or her to manage several in-car features via an unobtrusive head-up display. Through simple finger gestures, all vehicle occupants can make changes to the cabin environment, including lighting, climate control, and entertainment systems.

Focused on the brand’s ‘emotive driving’ concept, the car might reveal much more at the CES 2019 event.