Scientists from the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Ontario preassumes that there is an existence of two Universes which are the mirror images of each other. As per the Physicists, the other Universe has antimatter of the very same extent our Universe is made of, these are few assumptions made by the scientists.

Scientists also said that these two mirrors like universes are symmetrical to each other in space and move to the opposite direction in time.

Other than this information, the scientists also said that their theory doesn’t only speaks about the prevalence of matter over the antimatter we are used to in our Universe but this has also allowed us to preassume about the dark matter nature.  This is a very mysterious substance that interacts indirectly with all of the electromagnetic radiation.

The scientists admitted that few of the details proposed by them still requires a lot of clarifications. But they also not find their theory that unbelievable as it doesn’t contradict data available on particles and the fields and goes very well with the fundamental symmetry of physical laws which is principles of CPT invariance.

This is not the only recent attempt to explain the phenomenon of dark matter. A little more than a month ago, astrophysics from the University of Oxford suggested that it, like dark energy, is a substance with a negative mass, which, in particular, can explain the expansion of the Universe – Journal Review Letters, recently published

Adding to that, it also said that “It is believed that dark energy is 74 percent of the universe, and dark matter – 22 percent. The intergalactic gas accounts for only 3.6 percent, and the stars, planets and other objects of this kind – less than half a percent of the Universe, as it appears from the point of knowledge of modern scientific knowledge.”

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