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History made as China launches a weather monitoring rocket from an unmanned submarine

Jan 31, 2019, 10:11 am

Chinese scientists have launched a rocket to observe weather from an unmanned semi-submersible submarine for the first time in history. A rocketsonde that was launched by researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

What is a rocketsonde? It is a system for atmospheric observations that consists of a rocket that launches instruments that can make weather observations up to an altitude of 75,000 m. It is a package of meteorological or other scientific tools which is carried to the upper atmosphere by rocket and then released and allowed to float down by parachute, transmitting automatic radio measurements of the surrounding atmosphere. Basically, a sonde carried up by a missile.

This rocketsonde is launched by Chinese scientists to study the weather more minutely and observe the area which is beyond the range of weather balloons.

Launched from a long-duration unmanned semi-submersible vehicle, this rocketsonde can be used under severe oceanic conditions which will be more economical and applicable in the future – Hongbin Chen, A Chinese scientist

Earlier ocean-based platforms like Ships, satellite aircraft, were mainly used to collect the required data which were logistically expensive and impractical to deploy. However, the data collected were also patchy and therefore unreliable for marine and meteorological research.

The Chinese team so now plans to use unmanned semi-submersible vehicles to provide a network of observations at sea to extend weather data over the ocean. This can help to predict when and where dangerous weather phenomenon, including typhoons and hurricanes, are going to happen.

With the help of the specially equipped USSVs that will provide with marine meteorological data, researchers hope to hurricane fill some of the data gaps thus providing the scientists to make better predictions and monitoring on oceanographic phenomena.

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