Amazon launches UPI payment services for Android users in India

Feb 14, 2019, 9:20 am

Sayantoni B.

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On Thursday, Amazon, in a partnership with Axis Bank, launched the ‘Amazon Pay Unified Payments Interface (UPI)’ for Android users all over India. This new payment system ensures safe and secure online financial transaction and a much faster payment process.

The UPI service lets customers pay for their daily purchases on directly from their bank account, without entering their debit or credit card credentials or going through too many payment steps, like CVV or OTP. The only requirement is to enter a fixed UPI pin. Besides, the Amazon UPI ID can be used for other services like recharges and bill payments, as provided by other third party apps.

The Amazon Pay UPI pin has a one-time set-up process, where the customers have to link their bank accounts directly with the Amazon app, in order to use the pin for all future transactions. As far as the security of payments is concerned, in addition to the customer UPI pin, additional mobile verification also secures it.

For now, the service is offered to Android users of Amazon India, who plans to extend it to iOS users soon.

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