Facebook debuts dark mode for Messenger

Mar 4, 2019, 1:33 pm

Oindrila B.

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Tired of losing sleep at night due to your screen glaring back at you while texting on social media? Well, Messenger is here to save the day with its latest Dark Mode option.

The launch of Facebook Messenger 4 has brought with itself the much anticipated Dark Mode. The new mode is sleek and turns the white background of the messaging platform to black to reduce glare while maintaining contrast and vibrancy. All one has to do to enable the mode is to send a crescent moon emoji to any chat inbox. Then make their way over to ‘Setting’ and find Dark Mode as the top option, and swipe the toggle right to enable it.

While this is still a ‘hidden gem’ (what with having to send an emoji to enable it), this limited-time offer will become more permanent as Messenger introduces it to its Setting in the coming months. As of now, the Dark Mode is available for all users of the latest version of Messenger on iOS as well as Android, provided they remember to text the odd emoji.

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