Samsung has been developing televisions for years, think of the QLED TVs. At the beginning of this year, a series of new 8K TVs were added to the range. The Korean manufacturer usually pays a lot of attention to the aesthetic design and tries to place the TV in its environment in a natural way. This way you can turn the Samsung The Frame TVs into a work of art, for the moments when the device is switched off.

The company has also released the ‘one invisible cable’. Via a transparent cable, the power supply is regulated and you can connect all peripherals with it. For this, you only need a ‘one connect box’, a separate box that you put behind your TV.

Although this is, of course, a wonderful innovative system, where Samsung is the only one to date, it would, of course, be even better if you do not see and/or need cable anymore. Finally, televisions are more and more hung on the wall, where you often see a long wire running down. A TV without cables, or a wireless TV, would be the ultimate solution. Samsung is working on a solution in the background, in the form of a wireless power transceiver.

Wireless Samsung TV has wireless power transceiver

In March last year, Samsung Electronics filed a patent with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) for a wireless power transceiver and display apparatus with the same. The patent was published on February 28, 2019, and describes a method to power the Samsung TV wireless.

Normally this could be made possible by using a wide coil. However, TVs have become thinner in recent years, so there is simply no room in the thin housing to implement such a wide coil.

That is why the patented Samsung television is equipped with a wireless power transceiver in the form of a bar, which is mounted horizontally behind the television. The wireless transceiver is magnetic and has a groove in the middle for the solenoid coil. In addition, the power transceiver is provided with a double coil, which is wound in opposite directions.

The power transceiver can function as a wireless power receiver to generate power through magnetic forces emitted by a separate wireless power transmitter. Speakers are also placed on both sides of the transceiver.

The wireless power receiver is connected to a separate box, where the wireless power transmitter is incorporated. It is configured so that it can generate a magnetic field at the power receiver. The box has the shape of a soundbar and should be placed within a certain distance from the television.

Television without power cable is the future

Wireless power is not new. It has been possible for some time to send electricity wirelessly, but the distance is still limited. According to scientists, you do not have to be afraid of shocks with wireless power, it would be completely safe.

For the time being, it is difficult to predict when the first Samsung TV will be introduced without cables. Last year there was a new version of the One Invisible Cable, previously you needed a separate cable for the power supply, that is no longer necessary.

The patented technology seems to be a logical next step, nevertheless, it may take a few months before this technology has been sufficiently developed to be used in end products. It is possible that these new television screens will be unveiled at IFA 2019 or CES 2020.

There are also more Samsung TV innovations expected, so the company also has a roll-up TV in development, there are also signs that the Korean manufacturer working on a smart mirror TV and possibly even a transparent TV from Samsung.

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