Uber, the transportation network company, has acquired a load of controversies despite being operational for less than a decade.

Now, as per the official statement given by Dutch prosecutors on Friday, Uber had offered its ‘Uberpop’, an unlicensed peer-to-peer ride-hailing service in the Netherlands around 5 years back, in 2014-2015, where an unlicensed someone could use their own cars and even the Uber software for clients and money matters, for which Uber has agreed to pay €2.3 million, or $2.6 million, as settlement.

According to the announcement by the Dutch Public Prosecution Service (DPPS), the settlement is payable by four Uber companies -Uber BV, Uber International BV, Uber Netherlands BV, and Rasier Operations BV – who had contravened Netherland’s local taxi laws for which operational taxi license is obligatory.

The payable settlement has amounted to a €2,025,000 fine, along with an additional €309,409 fine for “criminally earned capital” earned by Uber through its 20% commission on rides.

The mastermind behind the Uberpop service has had to perform 90-hours community service as a penalty, according to the DPPS.