A brief guide to start playing Sony PlayStation games on your computer

Do you remember all those fantastic games you used to play in your childhood? Every time you took a joystick you immersed yourself into the atmosphere of adventures, excitement, and fun. No wonder nostalgia sizes you every time you hear about such titles as Resident Evil, Jump Force, Castlevania, Colony Wars, Metal Gear Solid, and other cult games developed by Sony PlayStation. These titles have long become a classic of the game industry. And a classic, as you know, never dies and never sinks into oblivion. Therefore, so many players download emulators and take advantage of free PlayStation ROMs (games) to quench their nostalgic thirst.

If you want to learn how to start playing PS games on your comp, familiarize yourself with our brief guide.

Finding PlayStation Emulators

If you want to start playing PS classic on your computer, you’ll need a good emulator. Though the Internet is teeming with online resources offering various emulators for PS, in practice, choosing a reliable one may prove a difficult task. The best emulators can be found on the best websites that cater to every user’s needs by offering a wide array of safe and reliable products turning to game into pleasure. Loveroms, EmuParadise, RomsMania, and DopeRoms are online sources you can use for both downloading high-quality emulators and ROMs for them. So, if you are in need of a cool emulator, don’t hesitate to visit one of those sites.

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When you decide what program to download, click on the “Download” button. Once the process is over, head to your Downloads folder to perform the installation of the acquired emulator. Make sure to follow the instructions to install your emulator.

Among the most popular are reliable emulators as RetroArch, EPSXE, and PCSX Reloaded.

Finding PlayStation Games

Once you install your emulator, you will need the best PS games to start playing. So, head to the online resource offering these essentials (as we have noted above, you may refer to the same website you got your emulator from).

On the chosen website, navigate to the section called “ROMs and Games” (the section names may vary slightly, depending on the site you use). In this section, look for PlayStation ROMs. You are welcome to use a search bar to type the first letters of the game you want to play. After that, you will be provided with a list of games. You’ll need to scroll down the list to find the one you’ve been looking for. Click on the name of the selected game.

Next, you will see the download link to follow. You should also be ready to enter a verification code or a captcha, which is a major precaution a majority of websites take to protect themselves from bots.

So, if you are asked to enter such a code, make sure to type it in the corresponding field within a minute or two. In case you are cannot figure out the captcha words, you can refresh the picture and type the newly generated symbols.

Once you’re done, choose the “Verify and Download” option and be ready to follow the download link. By doing so, you’ll prompt the ROM file to start downloading.

After that, you will be able to enjoy PS classics on your computer.

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