A cloud access security broker, or CASB, offers a protected interface between a company’s on-site infrastructure and resources offered by its cloud provider. This allows you to access a variety of cloud services safely. In general, a CASB provides several services that mainly involve management and security. Thanks to the rising cases of hacking, more firms have been investing more in designing impenetrable systems. However, technology is extremely dynamic – it keeps on changing constantly. You ought to keep your company’s security features up-to-date to avoid getting hacked.

If your business utilizes heavy cloud services, then it’s wise to get the unique CASB services offered by GA Systems in Australia.

Let’s look at 5 unique CASB services:

1. Real-time monitoring of user activities

Most organizations focus on delivering the best services to their customers. However, if some employees exhibit low productivity, the company will perform abysmally. A CASB allows you to monitor what subordinate employees are working on. If they’re using cloud services, you’re able to view the exact services they are utilizing and the length of time they’ve been using those services.

2. Automatic malware prevention

Malware refers to a unique subset of computer viruses that attacks a computer system via a network, damages the existing files and creates corrupted files that might further harm your computer. Sadly, most hackers take advantage of cloud services to launch malware attacks. CASBs effectively prevent malware attacks by detecting these viruses and blocking it before it infiltrates your entire system.

3. Data guarding and advanced threat protection

Apart from malware attacks, there are an assortment of threats that could jeopardize system function if left undetected. For instance, an encrypted virus could cause your computers to crash abruptly. This particular virus utilizes malicious cryptic codes that often go unnoticed by common antivirus software. Other virus types include the file infector and directory virus that could severely alter the contents of your files and file paths. A good CASB will provide sufficient protection against these advanced threats, helping you to guard data.

4. Enforcing company policies

Every company must create succinct policies highlighting how employees should use the cloud. However, some personnel might take advantage of the freely available cloud resources to perform activities that aren’t in line with the company’s present policies. You need a system that can block actions that contravene current cloud policies. Delightfully, CASBs can detect all engagements that go contrary to your firm’s cloud security protocol and discharge an alert to discourage such users from persisting with the same actions.

5. Issuing alerts to your in-house security team

Security departments are often faced with the overwhelming burden of identifying potential security breaches and fixing them quickly. Occasionally, some of these breaches pass undetected and escalate into mammoth proportions. Luckily, CASBs can provide a supplementary role to in-house security teams, providing constant alerts for a variety of cloud services. Whatever event occurs in the cloud, an efficient CASB will detect it and immediately send a notification to security personnel within your organization.

These five services offered by CASB will greatly improve your cloud security and management.

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