Google has introduced the classic arcade game Snake in its Google Maps app and has also rolled out a new Screen Cleaner feature in its Files Go app. Now, Google says the app goes one step further and cleans the actual surface of your screen. The company has announced a new feature for Android users which will help them in keeping their smartphone clean from the outside.

Google says it’s using geometric dirt model technology and haptic micromovement generator to clean the outside of the screen. And after the screen is cleaned, Google once again uses haptic technology to form a long-lasting dirt shield around the phone.

The brand took it to its YouTube channel and released a trailer for the Files App. The Google Screen Cleaner does it all using their gimmicky Smudge Detector API to detect stain models and then erases them using the fictional Haptic Movement Generator.

April fools are now being considered to be a festival rather than some random banter and Google has in fact launched products to fool people, and they are enjoying this. However, though these sort of fun pranks definitely keep the morale up, fans took it to Reddit and started bashing Google on their recent moves in the smartphone department with their Pixel 3 and their software.