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In a press release on April fool’s day, OnePlus announced its launching an electric car that will be blessed with the company’s Warp Charge capabilities. OnePlus co-founder took to the company’s forums to tease the announcement. The company is even calling on participants to participate on Twitter and Facebook with its hashtag #WarpCar prank promising them as they might win one too.

The Warp car as OnePlus calls this has been printed using SLS 3D and ABS 3D printing. Apparently, it claims that people can build on the design at home, adding new features and replacing worn out parts.

Furthermore, the OnePlus 6T will play a key role in handling the car. The phone is used as a steering wheel, replacing the traditional wheel. OnePlus says this does away with complicated concepts like steering a wheel. Instead, the user will just have to swipe left to go left, swipe right to go right, swipe up to go forward and swipe down to go reverse.

In-car control of the supercar is done via gestures on your smartphone itself, making previously concepts like steering very simple and convenient. You just need to swipe left to turn left, swipe right to turn right. The supercar will also have its airplane mode for driving mode so that users won’t ever suffer from dismissing a notification.

The Warp car will also be integrated with front, and rear-facing cameras to capture in-car selfies automatically captured when you’re inside your car with your driving mode on. From its position in the steering wheel, the rear-facing camera can take great pictures of the dials and a bit of the dashboard.

Well, to note it’s April Fools’ Day and once again, tech companies are trying to convince audiences around the world that their jokes are funny. Google is already at it with its launch of Snakes game on the Google Maps app. It seems that OnePlus too is quite serious with its prank.

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