Snapchat tries several methods to get ahead of Instagram, but its latest version is clearly not up to the rival competition and mark. Now a famous code developer, Jane Manchun Wong discovered Snapchat Status, a feature that checks you in Foursquare style on a Snap Map, not only showing where you are but also signaling your intentions through Bitmoji characters. You can indicate that you are near, hang out, for example, with your family, far away, and are ready to chat.

Registration will only work between people who share their location. You can also switch to ghost mode when you want to temporarily remain inaccessible. You can find out who saw your location or status. Snap confirmed to TechCrunch that it was testing the feature to only the percentage of Australian users. There is no guarantee that this feature will be widely available.

Snapchat Location FeaturesPerhaps it makes sense to add this to Snapchat. The status will not only provide a reason for returning to the application but also provide Snap a function that Facebook cannot easily copy using its own registration system – at least until it is fully protected. This may remain relevant to Snapchat at a time when many question its long-term future.

Snap itself released Snap Map in June 2017. This product originated from the idea of Zenly’s start-up acquisition from France. In addition to interactions in the real world, Snap Map provides a way to explore the best news or places in the world. This feature can only be read by people who are already friends with users. To see Status, just choose from the rim of Bitmoji’s pose.

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