Not too long ago, the download of torrents was done exclusively with the computer. Even to download files through P2P programs like eMule. Now, with our small pocket computer called a mobile phone, we can download files without installing heavy programs, without having to be, almost, an expert to open ports on our router to access DNS programs.

If you want to download torrent files on your mobile phone, all you have to do is follow the guidelines shown here. For this, we offer you five alternatives and five applications to download torrent files on your Android mobile.

From TechGenYZ, we always advise you to stay within the law and download only those files that are free of copyright or with the permission of the author.

1. µTorrent Downloader

One of the most popular torrent file managers for PC makes its landing in the Android operating system. This application is free, although it contains ads and has a premium version to remove, its download file varies according to many devices. This is around 13 MB.

uTorrent DownloaderDownloading torrent files with uTorrent is very simple.

The only thing we have to do is to click on the magnet file of the torrent we want to download (when you see the icon of a magnet, click on it) and it will open directly in the application. It also has a practical torrent search engine from which we can find what we are looking for. In addition, we can match the uTorrent mobile application with the application installed on our PC to manage the files remotely. The torrents to download can also be added through its URL.

In addition, in the side menu, we have the option to ‘discover’ where we can find the most downloaded torrent files of the moment, in case you see the adventurous vein. In the configuration, we can tell the application to only download files when connected to WiFi, as well as limit the download speed and upload of files. In the application itself, we have two shortcuts to our music library and videos.

2. BitTorrent

Bit TorrentAnother application to download torrents best known in a computer version is BitTorrent which in addition is an application whose design is, practically, traced to that of the previous one reviewed above (both applications are created by the same developer). We can add torrents through its own URL, opening the file once downloaded or by clicking the magnet icon that we see next to the files themselves. When you press it, the application you are using to download these files will open and the download will begin.

This application is free, contains ads and has a premium version to remove it, and its app download file has a size of 13 MB although it may vary depending on the phone where you do the download.

3. Flud

The best thing about this application to download torrents on our mobile is that just open it, it offers you the possibility to download the downloads if you are not under WiFi connection, so you will not forget. Also, unlike the previous two who want to know where you are, it only asks permission to access the file system of your mobile. After these, the application is similar to Offical torrent ones.

FludTo download a torrent file or open it directly, paste the URL on the magnet icon that we see at the top of the application or on the page where the torrent file is, press the magnet to stick directly to the app. We also have another possibility, which is, to add the torrent file that we have downloaded to our mobile through the ‘+’ button.

We also have a torrent search engine and a settings section where we can assign a download folder, program the application to run at a specific time, adjust the bandwidth designated to it … In short, Flud is one of the applications to download more complete torrents we have seen.

In addition, it contains free settings that in other apps are paid. As it automatically turns off the application when the file is downloaded. Of course, we have to support the ads and we can not pay to remove them (although we can buy its paid version for 1.65 euros). The installation file has a size of 6-MB although it may vary depending on the phone where you install it.

4. Torrdroid

TorrDroidIn this application, it gives great importance to searches of torrents files that you do, since it is the first screen that appears when we open it. On the sides, we have the download history screen and the actual downloads. The way to add the torrents files is exactly the same as in the previous applications, we even have a ‘+’ button to add the downloaded torrents files. The application is free, with ads (we can remove them after payment of about 2 euros) and has an installation file of 10 MB.

5. Vuze Torrent Downloader

Vuze Torrent DownloaderVuze is a very popular torrent file download manager on PC that has found its own niche within the Android ecosystem applications. Vuze is one of the applications to download the torrent files that have requested more permissions, so it is something that you have to take into account. The mechanism is exactly the same as in the previous utilities and the application consists of three tabs, all torrents, those that are in download and those already completed. The version without ads has a price of 4.42 euros and its installation file size is 5.14 MB.

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