The importance of technology in private travel

Private jets are becoming a popular way to travel, particularly for business travelers. Like many industries, it has largely become as successful as it is today thanks to technological advancements.

Digitalization is transforming the customer experience, right through from booking to flying. Here, we’ll look at the importance of technology in private travel and how it’s helping the private jet sector to flourish.

Online booking platforms

Online booking platforms have become an especially valuable tool in the private travel industry. Giving passengers the opportunity to book a seat on a private jet, with a simple click of a button; it’s really helped to increase the number of people taking advantage of private travel.

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Private jet charter company Vistajet, for example, has recently acquired JetSmarter. Providing a seamless booking service and end-to-end service, it’s set to really aid in the company’s digitalization strategy. The convenience of booking a private jet charter and monitoring private jet cost online makes it much more attainable to a wider audience.

ADS-B makes flying much safer

ADS-B (Automatic Data Surveillance Broadcasting) is another piece of tech that’s enhancing the private travel industry. By January 2020, ADS-B will need to be installed in private business jets.

Using satellite signals, the technology tracks the jet and transmits crucial information regarding altitude, location, and airspeed via a clever GPS system. No manual input is needed, and it’s thought the technology could really help to avoid collisions and improve visibility, making private jet travel safer. As more business travelers look to use private jets, this will no doubt put their mind at ease.

Data analytics tools

It’s not just technology on the jets themselves which is helping the industry. Data analytics tools have really helped with private travel marketing efforts. In today’s digital world, private airlines need to get their brand name out there and the internet is the best place to do it. Data analytics tools help airlines to identify their target market and observe search engine trends to release timely content that draws in customers.   

The importance of digital video technology

Finally, digital video technology has also helped to improve the private travel industry. All businesses today need to be able to market themselves online. In the private jet industry, digital video can prove invaluable at building up their brand and reaching their target audience. So, while it may not be implemented directly into private jets, this type of technology is still crucial to an airline’s success.

Overall, technology has become extremely important in the private travel sector. The above are just some examples of how technology is helping to revolutionize the industry. As time goes on, technology is consistently improving; adding more advanced features and helping to boost businesses such as private jet charter companies.  

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