Huawei is reportedly pushing forward with its unique new products, and this time it’s the world’s first 5G 8K television. Huawei is planning to release a 5G 8K TV by the end of this year. Such TVs would be fitted with 5G modules, which Huawei already produces for the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G and the foldable Mate X 5G once it is launched.

The Chinese tech giant, who makes its 5G chips, would be a newcomer in the television space. Few companies, if any, have floated the idea of a 5G TV, but that kind of connectivity would allow users to quickly download VR and other data-heavy content and watch it on an equally high-res display.

With a 5G module along with a 5G connection, the TV will be able to stream content such as 360-degree, watch-from-any-angle videos and virtual reality shows although right now, it’s still questionable as to when these kinds of content will be arriving.

Huawei’s already among the biggest smartphone makers in the world, and it’s looking to expand, and it plans to do that with some noise created by what may be the first 5G TV in the world. Aside from TVs, the report also said that the company is looking to crack the top 5 in the PC market by 2021.