3 Of the best marketing channels for generating leads online in 2019

3With the advent of new technology, the role of the internet extends beyond just generating brand awareness. It helps businesses attract qualified leads. Some marketing channels might have dwindled in recent years, but a few have stood the test of time for way too long. This article highlights a few marketing channels for generating leads online in 2019.

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing still tops the list as one of the most effective lead generation channels. This strategy is one of the few lead generation channels that have been in existence for more than two decades now. Email marketing takes your business directly into your customers’ inboxes. It also has a cost-benefit over other methods such as remarketing and PPC campaigns.

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The modern email-marketing trend that you should focus on in 2019 is the use of automation tools. These tools play a key role in consolidating with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and, consequently, enabling you to send automated and personalized emails to leads. If you were still wondering how to make the best of your preferred channel for generating leads online, then it would be worthwhile to seek the services of a lead generation company.

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The right internet lead generation agency will take pride in helping you close more deals thanks to the quality of the leads. This, in turn, has a massive impact on the sales cycle and the sales conversion rate. The best part? All of the strategies used are tailor-made and fully optimized to guarantee great performance.

2. Social Media Marketing

Controversies aside, social media marketing remains one of the most effective marketing channels for lead generation. The effectiveness of this strategy is debatable since it varies from company to company. While others find it to be such an effective marketing strategy, other companies find their efforts yielding minimal to no conversions in the long run. Several factors could influence such a peculiar variation in social media marketing.

Nonetheless, one thing is for sure: it all goes down to successful marketing strategies versus ineffective ones. Claims that social media marketing is an ineffective marketing channel are therefore invalid. Ranging from Facebook to Twitter and LinkedIn among others, there are tons of social media channels to help you reach new customers as well as build long-lasting relationships with the existing ones. However, your marketing team will have to create an effective social media marketing strategy if you are to get anything from this channel.

3. Content Marketing

Perhaps you are aware that content marketing is one of the most effective lead generation channels. This is also one of the hardest lead generation channels to execute. This is so because ensuring your content reaches the target audience can prove challenging. Generating leads through content marketing demands that you consistently create exceptional content that will captivate your readers and can reach organically through a Google search.

Therefore, the best way to generate leads using this strategy would be to experiment. This entails the creation of various types of content such as videos, podcasts, whitepapers, infographics, and blogs to find out what exactly suits your customers. The analytical tools should help you track the performance of your content.

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