Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 19,853,271
    Confirmed: 19,853,271
    Active: 6,369,575
    Recovered: 12,753,193
    Death: 730,503
  • USA 5,152,001
    Confirmed: 5,152,001
    Active: 2,348,195
    Recovered: 2,638,713
    Death: 165,093
  • Brazil 3,013,369
    Confirmed: 3,013,369
    Active: 818,533
    Recovered: 2,094,293
    Death: 100,543
  • India 2,167,420
    Confirmed: 2,167,420
    Active: 634,832
    Recovered: 1,489,005
    Death: 43,583
  • Russia 887,536
    Confirmed: 887,536
    Active: 179,183
    Recovered: 693,422
    Death: 14,931
  • South Africa 553,188
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 553,188
    Active: 138,410
    Recovered: 404,568
    Death: 10,210
  • Mexico 475,902
    Confirmed: 475,902
    Active: 105,258
    Recovered: 318,638
    Death: 52,006
  • Peru 471,012
    Confirmed: 471,012
    Active: 130,997
    Recovered: 319,171
    Death: 20,844
  • Chile 371,023
    Confirmed: 371,023
    Active: 16,879
    Recovered: 344,133
    Death: 10,011
  • Spain 361,442
    Confirmed: 361,442
    Active: 332,939
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,503
  • Iran 326,712
    Confirmed: 326,712
    Active: 23,914
    Recovered: 284,371
    Death: 18,427
  • UK 310,825
    Confirmed: 310,825
    Active: 264,259
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 46,566
  • Saudi Arabia 288,690
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 288,690
    Active: 33,484
    Recovered: 252,039
    Death: 3,167
  • Pakistan 284,121
    Confirmed: 284,121
    Active: 17,791
    Recovered: 260,248
    Death: 6,082
  • Bangladesh 257,600
    Confirmed: 257,600
    Active: 105,831
    Recovered: 148,370
    Death: 3,399
  • Italy 250,103
    Confirmed: 250,103
    Active: 12,953
    Recovered: 201,947
    Death: 35,203
  • Turkey 239,622
    Confirmed: 239,622
    Active: 11,137
    Recovered: 222,656
    Death: 5,829
  • Germany 216,911
    Confirmed: 216,911
    Active: 10,250
    Recovered: 197,400
    Death: 9,261
  • France 197,921
    Confirmed: 197,921
    Active: 84,761
    Recovered: 82,836
    Death: 30,324
  • Canada 119,221
    Confirmed: 119,221
    Active: 6,679
    Recovered: 103,566
    Death: 8,976
  • China 84,619
    Confirmed: 84,619
    Active: 817
    Recovered: 79,168
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 58,564
    Confirmed: 58,564
    Active: 52,407
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,157
  • Australia 21,084
    Confirmed: 21,084
    Active: 9,228
    Recovered: 11,561
    Death: 295
  • S. Korea 14,598
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 14,598
    Active: 651
    Recovered: 13,642
    Death: 305
  • New Zealand 1,569
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,569
    Active: 23
    Recovered: 1,524
    Death: 22

Soft landings – 5 Ways automation software can help your business grow

Author at TechGenyz Contributor
Automation Software

Many companies are finding it tough to get the edge over their competition. Margins are smaller than ever before, and there are only so many places you can cut the fat. Instead of laying off staff, something no business wants to do, why not look at automation software? You can have your business running like a well-oiled machine, helping you to make financial savings in the process. Here’s why it might work for you.

Manage All Parts of Your Business

One of the most beneficial parts of automated systems, such as freight management software, is that you can manage almost all parts of your business from one place. Instead of having to dive in and out of multiple programs throughout your day, you get an overview of everything in one place. This birds-eye view of your systems allows you to identify glaring holes in your processes, potentially opening doors for cost savings and better management practices.

Increase Your Productivity

Many people believe that automation software and technology is putting people out of jobs. However, it’s quite the opposite. Even though automation can take care of 78 percent of a physical labor job, it’s the other end of the process that matters the most.

Automation software and technology frees up workers from monotonous, repetitive tasks, and instead puts them in higher-value roles. Workers learn to problem solve, develop ideas, grow the company, and find solutions. Employees, according to research, are more engaged and challenged.

It Can Make You More Organized

Think about how you pack your bag for a vacation with a list versus without one. With one, you grab every single item and place it in your case without having to pause, think, or contemplate. Without a list, you’re running around, trying to think about what you will need, and ultimately end up leaving something behind.

The same concept applies to automation technology. If there’s an automated process in place, you’re more organized and in control. You also save a lot of time which equals monetary savings. Automation software lets you access information in one place instead of having to search for it across several different platforms.

All-Inclusive Business View

In many companies, different departments manage their profits, costs, and associated financial information. When all that data is in different places, how are you supposed to know if your business could grow or needs help to do so?

That’s where automation software can help. It gives you a comprehensive business view, with all that financial information in one place. All managers can input and view it, and you don’t have to run around trying to find it.

Make Fewer Human Errors

Everyone makes mistakes at work, but not only can those mistakes be costly, but the process for rectifying them arduous as well. Automation software reduces instances of human error.

Take, for example, an invoice you are charging out to the customer. If you have to enter the tax portion of it manually, there’s room for error. If the software automatically adds the percentage, there is very little chance of it being wrong.

Not everyone welcomes technology into a workplace with open arms. However, once you educate your workers on its benefits, they’ll be all for it. Automation software is about making their daily life easier, not harder.

Your team can focus on more fulfilling tasks, make fewer mistakes, and improve their productivity, as well. It can also make your work processes more organized and streamlined. It might be time to include automation software in your business today.