Relay is an API for stores to publish their products and for apps to read them which was prior to this difficult. Now Relay brings its latest product in the Relay family – Relay One. It is supposed to be a simple solution for online eCommerce platforms, and independent sites enabling users to accept payment from any platform across the globe.

Relay One will make it easier for developers to build great mobile eCommerce experiences, and for stores to participate in them. This will be an easy solution for merchants to accept money that has been integrated into the underlying Relay blockchain settlement network.

The company visions to help customers to participate in the real-time economy. The app would help enable customers to buy anything that they like while browsing social media sites, websites and apps by just clicking on the buy button that has been integrated within the posts, tweets or apps along with the product.

The company claims to work further for more fluid experiences, but at its inception, the app will support payments forms – Bitcoin SV, WeChat Pay, and Alipay. Even the funds received goes into Relay wallet hence empowering merchants to have full control over the funds.