Why do you need to have productivity apps

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Have you ever heard of Flywheel effect? If not, let us tell you. Remember, whenever you cycle, the first few pedals takes more effort, and then things get easy when inertia builds up, and energy in your previous few pedals combines with your current effort to make you pedal around casually.

Productivity apps bring the same type of compounding results. Usually, you rely on the core tools for writing, designing, programming, support, etc. which takes lots of hard work, mental effort, and creativity. Along with your usual work, the productivity apps help you work faster, just like extra gears on the bicycle. The best productivity management tool helps you level up your work, wherever you are working.

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That’s the reason, the mobile tech portals like MobileAppDaily are doing their best to keep you updated on beneficial updates in the mobile app world and help you get the best out of these mobile applications.

It is difficult to navigate through all your tasks when you have a few things on top of your mind. Doing things efficiently and effectively is one thing, and making sure that you don’t let things slip up your mind and make errors, is another.

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It is difficult for the human brain to juggle too many tasks at once. But fortunately, technology has provided the way, by outsourcing some of your load to different applications and machines.

The main advantage of these productivity apps is that you can literally keep them at arms stretch, in your smartphones, and seamlessly manage your work on the go.

The same principles are also making the enterprises to appreciate the productivity of these apps. Let’s check out some of the key reasons which can make these apps your productivity tracker.

Work Anytime, Anywhere

There are multiple benefits of having a productive, and accessible workforce. It doesn’t matter wherever you are, you can have all the info regarding work, progress, deadlines, without chaining yourself to a desk. With this flexibility, you and your team are exposed to a whole new world of procedural improvements and increased efficiency.

These apps have made productivity management almost flawless. For instance, filling out of forms, feedback, etc. have become easy and quick. Assigning, monitoring, and evaluating the tasks in a project have become easy. Scanning, editing, submission of documents have become convenient. There are many more examples like these. Overall, the productivity applications not only make the process easier but faster and convenient also.

Opportunistic Gains

Along with the productivity gains, like increased mobility and convenience, there exists a large number of opportunities to make you reimagine the way you work. For instance, the car or bike had enabled the salespersons to expand to larger territories, capturing more sales, resulting in companies needing fewer employees. Same goes with productivity apps, as they make you go beyond your capabilities.

Multiple opportunity gains can be achieved through the use of productivity apps like enhanced communication (internal or external), project and task creation and monitoring, time management and scheduling, file and document management, and many more.

Now it depends on you how efficiently you make use of the productivity apps? Are there any tasks that you can take out of the Stone Age & move them to mobile apps?

Enhanced Accuracy And Efficiency

All the people don’t have similar standards of performing any particular task, like paperwork. Some people do it right away, but some don’t, keep piling up the documents. Well, with the world going digital, this kind of redundant tasks can be eliminated with the help of productivity apps.

All the paperwork can be done digitally, making the people fill and submit the documents online, which gets automatically saved in the database and saves the day effectively and efficiently.

Just like the above example, productivity apps offer capabilities to enhance the standard and quality of your work and processes. There are some best task managers who can arrange your tasks in tiered layers, and keep rearranging them as the project goes on.

You also can add or remove any tasks, on any layer, and the app would do further work for you. These kinds of apps make sure that workflows efficiently, and you won’t need to constantly reorganize the workflow.

Available In Various Verticals

Productivity apps are not restricted to only a few areas. If you ask yourself, why do you need a productivity app?

You will discover various verticals of your business where you can improve by going mobile. Answering that will help you to maximize your benefits and prioritize your efforts. And, if you go, search for ways to improve, you’ll definitely find a productivity app that fulfills your requirement.

Here we have some of the verticals of a business where productivity apps (a few mentioned) are supposed to be most effective:

  • Time Management and Scheduling – Tasker, Todoist, Fantastical, Google Calendar
  • Team Management and Collaboration – Trello, Slack, Google Drive, Habitica
  • Financial Management – Good Budget, Mint, Sprouts, Expensify
  • Health Management – 7 Minute Workout, My Fitness Pal, Insight Timer


Productivity apps are meant to help you work better, and the reasons we have already discussed above. Take time and figure out where do you need the productivity app the most, search for the options available, pick out the most suitable option, and learn the way to use that to the fullest.

Do use productivity apps as another tool which you need to manage continuously, but use as an extension to streamline the organizing aspects of your business. Most of the productivity apps are free or provide a free trial, figure out which ones you like and use them asap. You have got nothing to lose in that.

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