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On June 5, Amazon introduced a new feature called StyleSnap for Amazon Fashion at the ‘re: MARS’ 2019 conference being held at Las Vegas.

Amazon StyleSnap, The AI-powered feature aims to simplify customer experience while shopping in so far as the customer can upload on StyleSnap a photo of any particular item of clothing that caught their eye and the latest feature will provide them with recommendations. Moreover, this becomes particularly helpful when the customer is unable to insert the correct names of the fashion style into the search bar.

We are highly innovative and customer-obsessed, and we will continue to create new experiences for customers to discover the products they want and love… – Jeff Wilke, Consumer Worldwide CEO

How to access this feature? 

All one needs to do is take a photograph or a screenshot of any fashion look of their choice, and then click open the camera icon in the upper right corner of the Amazon App, select the ‘StyleSnap’ option and upload that photograph or screenshot.

Basing their search on a variety of factors such as price range, brand and customer reviews, StyleSnap will provide recommendations for similar items on Amazon that match the look in the photo. StyleSnap makes use of computer vision and deep learning to identity and classify apparel items in a photo.

Using residual networking method to enhance their algorithm, where this unique method developed by Amazon researchers allows the network to remember both old and new concepts, Amazon StyleSnap can work through large volumes of data and strive to carry out its goal of providing similar items in a particular fashion look more efficiently.

The simplicity of the customer experience belies the complexity of the technology behind it – Jeff Wilke, Consumer Worldwide CEO

StyleSnap will also become crucial for fashion influencers wishing to expand their followers-base and communities because fashion influencers who participate in the Amazon Influencer Program can even receive commissions for purchases that they inspire. 

Wilke stated that, “We are incredibly excited about StyleSnap and how it enables our customers to shop visually for Fashion on Amazon. “

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