The resolution of Vive Cosmos is 1440 × 1700 per eye (total 2880 × 1700), which is 88% more than the number of pixels compared to Vive, whose resolution per eye is 1080 × 1200. Cosmos will receive liquid crystal displays with red, green, and blue sub-pixels for each pixel. It will increase the subpixel resolution and fill factor compared to the original OLED displays of the Vive. However, the LCD displays, do not work as well with dark scenes as their counterparts on organic diodes.

Oculus Rift S, which are likely to become the main competitor of Cosmos, has a resolution of 1280 × 1440 per eye and operate at a frequency of 80 Hz. This gives the HTC device a 32 percent advantage in the number of pixels and a 12.5 percent advantage in frequency. In the Rift S, there is also no hardware adjustment of the distance between the lenses, which will help Cosmos users to more accurately adjust the clarity of the picture according to the individual interpupillary distance.

HTC also claims that the Vice Cosmos “has a 40% improved lens cleanliness compared to the original Vive.” It is likely good, but the exact meaning of the term “cleanliness of lenses” in the company’s understanding remains a mystery. While it is clear only that the novelty has received Fresnel lenses. HTC also confirmed that the new product would work with a refresh rate of 90 Hz, the same as the Vive.

Last week, HTC Vive confirmed that they would equip Vive Cosmos with six cameras and sensitive controllers, and the helmet itself will receive a flip design that would allow you to experience the real world without removing the headset completely. The front panel of the helmet can be changed, and a special ventilated design will make the process of being in virtual reality more comfortable.

The company still does not say anything about the price and timing of the release of the HTC Vive Cosmos, but we expect that this virtual reality helmet will be available in the third quarter of this year.

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