Sony has announced the release of Spider-Man’s Far From Home VR, an interactive virtual reality experience that is now available for free through the PlayStation Store.

Columbia Pictures Industries and Marvel have launched an experience in virtual reality that allows us to put on the Spider-Man suit and sail the skies of the great city to cobweb. Spider-Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality, as it is called in the original version, is a game available for VR of the main platforms, totally free, based on the events that we will see in the next Spiderman movie.

Spider-Man Far From Home VR is a first-person adventure that puts us in the shoes of the superhero swinging through the skyscrapers of New York. It is an experience of about ten minutes long and that comes as part of the promotion of the new film that will shortly be released in theaters.

Developed by CreateVR, this small game experience allows players to climb and swing around Manhattan, choose from four different outfits and face an enemy and his henchmen. In order to play it is necessary to have the PlayStation Move movement controller, the PlayStation VR device and the PlayStation Camera.

“Choose one of the four Spider-Man costumes and jump to the clouds, but keep your eyes open and your ears alert, a dangerous and colossal enemy awaits you,” the synopsis reads. Based on the new film that will soon be released in theaters, the virtual reality experience of Spider-Man: Far From Home is an exciting and dizzying adventure through the eyes of your favorite neighborhood: Spider-Man”, says the synopsis.

Spider-Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality is Now available for free to experience in PSVR, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. You can get it on PlayStation Network and Steam.