As reports suggest that Google is testing a play/pause button to its Chrome browser enabling users to play or pause a video or music that’s playing in a tab. The button’s role will be to make it easier for users to pause or resume multimedia content that’s currently playing in the browser, regardless of the tab it’s coming from.

Google calls it by a fancy name as the ‘Global Media Controls (GMC)’ which is being tested on Chrome’s development browser – Chrome Canary. While being tested, the new feature button appears on the right side of the URL field. There, it will highlight a pop-up that will show what video or music is being played on the other tab. The user can slide down the pop-up from the button and stop or resume the video or music being played.

It could be good news if you’re a Chrome user that needs to keep 20-plus tabs open at all time while working. The hunting for the rogue tab with an autoplay video that starts playing without even warning a thing.

Till now, the company has not provided an estimated time of arrival of the new feature on Chrome. But it is possible for the users to track the progress of the upcoming feature through a Chrome bug Tracker.