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Life360 is the largest worldwide network for families available for Android and iPhone. Life360 uses proprietary paging technology to process more than 1.5 billion location requests per day and allows more than 50 million families to share their location privately, communicate easily and stay connected with in-app messaging. The application operates in a convenient and safe way, reduces friction and offers spiritual tranquility to facilitate family life. Life360, founded in 2008, has raised the US $ 76 million in risk financing and is headquartered in San Francisco, with 75 employees.

Who would say that a social network that does not focus on sharing our lives but on dancing doing lypsinc, as a karaoke, could be so successful? TikTok seems to have arrived at the most appropriate time to wipe out and make room among the many social networks that already exist, and even moving them, already with 500 million active users.

To put ourselves in a position, it is already one of the most used social networks in the world, over Twitter, and double that of Linkedin or Snapchat, in just three years. It also has one of the most difficult audiences to get, Generation Z, raised in the Internet age, its rapid consumption, and subsequent boredom if the content is not sufficiently flashy. But TikTok has managed to attract them as one of the most positive communities on the Internet and with fewer “cynical” users, where younger people feel free to express themselves and share their “musical numbers”.

Although, recently a new meme trend on Life360 is the largest worldwide network for families available for Android and iPhone. Life360 uses proprietary paging technology to process who use Life360 app for their safety and welfare. This, in turn, has to lead the Media to prohibit TikTok and accusing the Chinese app users.

TikTok interacts actively with the community. While other social networks are limited to allowing upload your content, TikTok daily is promoting challenges and challenges for people to participate and make their own version. This means that an average user can win hundreds and thousands of comments and likes if he makes a good video, which encourages that user who is neither influencer nor creator (nor wants to be) to participate actively in the social network, the one who simply wants to have fun. It is expected that this mocking of Life360 may stop with TikTok actively monitoring their users.

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