In collaboration with BMW, the Tech-giant Tencent Holdings Ltd. is teaming up to develop self-driving cars which are scheduled to begin operations by the end of the year. Tencent is one of the world’s biggest auto markets in China that provides services from data storage to online computing.

The Chinese government is in all targets to adopt autonomous-vehicles and wants 10% of the vehicles to be autonomous vehicles by the year 2030. The computing center will start its operation by the end of this fall though the companies have not disclosed their investments.

BMW can, therefore, develop autonomous driving solutions that fit better with the specific driving conditions in China – Jochen Goller, head of BMW’s China operations

The Munich-headquartered automaker says driverless cars need sophisticated data-crunching capabilities as they rely on AI that would make them drive without human assistance. In partnership with Tencent, BMW announced that it would prove the company with the infrastructure needed to develop autonomous cars.

The Munich-headquartered automaker says to introduce semi-autonomous cars in China by 2021.

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