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When it comes to creating the content of your newly created website, your business needs something different that would match your unique identity. In this regard, you might be considering what pages should be available on your site. This is quite a common question that is widely asked. These days, web development is gaining so much popularity as a website represents your business and it must have all the necessary information that a user might seek on your site at the right place.

If it becomes difficult to find certain information on your site due to fuzzy navigation and website structure, it spoils your site reputation along with your business. Therefore, you must ensure that all the important pages are included in your website. In this blog, we have compiled a list of 7 most essential pages that should be available on a website. 

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1. Home Page

You cannot imagine a website without a home page, mostly it is the entry point for a website. You define your business and what it offers on this page. You can grab the attention of your website visitors by presenting a top-of-the-class Home page with appealing UI/UX design. You get only a few seconds to impress your visitors when they visit your site. So, it should be captivating and enticing to be able to get visits. On this page, you should include a bulleted list of products and services along with a short description, explanation of what your business is and what it does, the benefits of the products and services to the users. 

2. Services Page

This is the web page where you can describe to the users about what services you offer. First of all, begin by giving a brief description or summary of the services you provide then list all them out. If you have a lot of services or there is a lot of information, then you might think about creating categories and create landing page links to open individual service pages. On this page, you should include a summary of the services you offer along with brief descriptions, describe the benefits the users can avail with the services, how service is different from competitors, etc. 

3. About Page

Whenever a visitor lands on your website, he/she searches through your site’s content and tries to find out what you are and where you came from. Creating an About page can describe everything about you and your business. This web page describes the company, its history, vision, approach, and other important information. In this page, you should include information about the company including its history, bio of the owners, awards, and recognition, and points of differentiation. 

4. Contact Page

There must be a way for visitors to contact you as and when required. You can add a contact page to your website to give them a simple way to get in touch with you. This page provides basic contact information such as company address, phone numbers, links, etc. Contact information should also be added on the footer of the website. This page should include a phone number, mailing address, email address, fax number, address for social media profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. A contact form should also be provided to let the users fill out and reach to you. 

5. Portfolio

Whatever you create, you need to show this off to the world to let people know your skills and capabilities. You can show off your work on your website within a work portfolio web page. By creating a page, you can display the samples of your work and tell your customers what you have created and can create. On this page, you should showcase the samples of your work which should be from a diverse range. Plus, you should offer a way to let the customers connect with your work.   

6. Products Page

This page provides details about the products you are selling along with the descriptions for those products. You can start the page with a brief summary of products, then list all the products below. You may want to list all products according to different categories and include links to individual landing pages for products. For products page, you should include a list of products you offer along with their descriptions, brief product summaries, products benefits that users will receive, product features and how they are different competitors, and links to product landing pages. 

7. Testimonials 

Testimonials are the best way to earn the trust of your users. By placing testimonials on your website, you can try to get the credibility of the users. Testimonials allow you to showcase how your previous customers took service from you and the level of satisfaction they received from that service. Especially, the testimonials that have pictures, contact info, email addresses make your testimonials more realistic and improve your trustworthiness, credibility, and reliability.  

Wrapping up! 

When it comes to creating a website, tons of questions revolve in your mind. A website is not merely a piece of graphics, aligned texts, and images, but it is the face of your business on the online front. A website is a collection of different files and pages that work coherently to deliver utmost satisfaction to the users. Your website should have all the necessary pages with simple navigation to get higher visits and boost your business sales. 

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David Meyer
David Meyer
David Meyer is working as a senior developer at CSSChopper which is a top-rated web design and development company providing top-of-the-class services across the world. Having a deep interest in web design and development, he holds a great experience in developing varied web solutions. Besides this, he also likes to write articles and blogs in his free time to provide the best information and knowledge about the latest trends and technologies in the web development field.
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