LG ThinQ will offer Amazon Dash Replenishment for super convenience

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LQ will integrate Amazon Dash Replacement into their ThinQ™ home appliance range to provide a better experience to their customers. The benefits of dash replenishment will be introduced to the European market at the IFA 2019. With the help of LG’s AI platform, LG will offer a fully automated smart home device linked with Amazon’s smart supply-reordering and delivery system.

It takes quite a lot of time and effort to take care of household chores. We often need to reorder the required supplies repeatedly. To make our lives easier, LG is going to introduce LG ThinQ™  mobile app that will enable Dash Replenishment on LG smart laundry and dishwasher appliances. Users can now connect the app with their devices to reorder detergent and laundry supplies from Amazon if they run out of them.

The ThinQ app services will be available in the European countries (e. g. France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK etc) at the end of this year.

What is LG ThinQ app?

LG ThinQ is a mobile app developed by LG. It allows the users to connect their appliances to their Amazon account to order their supplies automatically after they run out of them. For the first time, LG has come up with such a unique concept to give its users super convenience. Amazon Dash General Manager, David Jackson, has given thorough details on the provided services.

More customers are experiencing the convenience Dash Replenishment offers and we are thrilled to team up with LG to integrate Dash Replenishment into LG’s broad selection of smart appliances. With Dash Replenishment, you never have to worry about running out of household essentials like dishwasher soap, laundry detergent or dryer sheets, because your appliances can do the work for you and automatically reorder supplies, the moment you are running low – David Jackson, Amazon Dash General Manager.

The LG ThinQ will link smart laundry and dishwashers with the customers’ Amazon accounts after they enable the Dash Replacement. After enabling the Dash Replacement option, it will work together with LG smart appliances. It will then automatically deliver pre-selected suppliers, e. g. Dishwasher soap, laundry detergent, fabric softener, etc. at our doorstep.

The app will determine if more supplies are needed based on how much supply is used at a time. Amazon Dash Replenishment service will also be enabled for LG ThinQ refrigerators and air purifiers in the near future. President of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company, Song Dae Hyun is very positive about the new services provided by LG and Amazon.

We are thrilled to present our ThinQ lineup with Amazon Dash Replenishment for the European market at IFA 2019. Combining our industry-leading products with value-added services continues to be a strategic priority in order to create a smart home that allows customers to spend less time on chores and more time on what they enjoy – Song Dae Hyun, President of LG Electronics Home Appliance Air Solution Company.

The LG dash replacement services were already tested out in the US market. Now it will follow up the European market. LG is also collaborating with other AI-service providers, e. g. Google, Yandex, etc. to expand the services of its smart products in Europe, Asia, and North America.

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