Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 13,445,287
    Confirmed: 13,445,287
    Active: 5,033,860
    Recovered: 7,831,197
    Death: 580,230
  • USA 3,543,906
    Confirmed: 3,543,906
    Active: 1,814,124
    Recovered: 1,590,663
    Death: 139,119
  • Brazil 1,931,204
    Confirmed: 1,931,204
    Active: 643,430
    Recovered: 1,213,512
    Death: 74,262
  • India 937,487
    Confirmed: 937,487
    Active: 320,092
    Recovered: 593,080
    Death: 24,315
  • Russia 739,947
    Confirmed: 739,947
    Active: 215,508
    Recovered: 512,825
    Death: 11,614
  • Peru 333,867
    Confirmed: 333,867
    Active: 98,377
    Recovered: 223,261
    Death: 12,229
  • Chile 319,493
    Confirmed: 319,493
    Active: 23,204
    Recovered: 289,220
    Death: 7,069
  • Mexico 304,435
    Confirmed: 304,435
    Active: 79,881
    Recovered: 189,063
    Death: 35,491
  • Spain 303,699
    Confirmed: 303,699
    Active: 275,290
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,409
  • South Africa 298,292
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 298,292
    Active: 147,667
    Recovered: 146,279
    Death: 4,346
  • UK 291,373
    Confirmed: 291,373
    Active: 246,405
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 44,968
  • Iran 262,173
    Confirmed: 262,173
    Active: 23,692
    Recovered: 225,270
    Death: 13,211
  • Pakistan 253,604
    Confirmed: 253,604
    Active: 77,628
    Recovered: 170,656
    Death: 5,320
  • Italy 243,344
    Confirmed: 243,344
    Active: 12,919
    Recovered: 195,441
    Death: 34,984
  • Saudi Arabia 237,803
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 237,803
    Active: 57,960
    Recovered: 177,560
    Death: 2,283
  • Turkey 214,993
    Confirmed: 214,993
    Active: 12,871
    Recovered: 196,720
    Death: 5,402
  • Germany 200,766
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    Active: 6,122
    Recovered: 185,500
    Death: 9,144
  • Bangladesh 190,057
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    Active: 84,406
    Recovered: 103,227
    Death: 2,424
  • France 172,377
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    Active: 63,751
    Recovered: 78,597
    Death: 30,029
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    Confirmed: 108,486
    Active: 27,518
    Recovered: 72,170
    Death: 8,798
  • China 83,605
    Confirmed: 83,605
    Active: 297
    Recovered: 78,674
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 51,146
    Confirmed: 51,146
    Active: 45,011
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,135
  • S. Korea 13,512
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 13,512
    Active: 941
    Recovered: 12,282
    Death: 289
  • Australia 10,250
    Confirmed: 10,250
    Active: 2,307
    Recovered: 7,835
    Death: 108
  • New Zealand 1,545
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,545
    Active: 25
    Recovered: 1,498
    Death: 22

Paytm collaborates with SHEROES for women only social community feed

Author at TechGenyz Business
Paytm Partners SHEROES

Paytm has recently integrated its newly content-based services including News, Live TV, Cricket, Entertainment Videos, Games, etc. Now, it is going to collaborate with SHEROES to launch a new social community feed only for women.

This feed will be available in the Paytm app as a part of the Paytm Inbox social feed. Women will have access to the interactive social feed where they can get information on various topics like health, careers, relationships, cooking, hobbies etc. and can also share their life stories, memories, achievements with other members.

SHEROES: Social community platform for women

SHEROES was founded in January 2014 by Sairee Chahal to allow women to have social and economic empowerment. SHEROES has been offering a platform to women to look for jobs, discuss healthcare, relationships, etc. It also gives a chance to women to share their life stories, achievements and moments which they cannot share with others.

SHEROES is social and mental support for over 14 million women coming from more than 30 communities and different sectors of the society including homemakers, professionals, gig workers, entrepreneurs, and students. In the next five years, SHEROES aims to put 100 million women under their care.

The platform is also hopeful of its collaboration with the digital payment giant Payment. They believe that the collaboration will help them to reach out to a large number of women all over the country.

Leveraging Paytm’s depth and reach, millions of women Internet users can now access over 1000 communities offering advice, a platform for visibility and conversations. This partnership is a strategic step towards our goal of taking the community ecosystem to 100 Mn women. - Avinash Hindupur, chief product officer of SHEROES.

A Paytm initiative towards women empowerment

Paytm is continuously extending its platform and services instead of depending only upon the digital payment services. Paytm has been reaching out to several content providers to boost up their Inbox platform. For quite some time, it has been providing information and entertainment feed to its users. It thus claims to gain more than 30 million users for content-based services.

Deepak Abbot, senior vice president of Paytm is hoping for positive results from the collaboration. He is very impressed by the socio-communal initiative taken by SHEROES to make women financially independent.

This is an important initiative towards women’s empowerment as it provides specially curated content and various communities that they can participate in as per their interests. This social platform will provide a powerful forum for them to express, learn and share while educating themselves.

Startups are the new trend in the global ecosystem. According to the statistics, women founders only have access to 13% of them and own measly 6% of them. It is even more unfortunate that only 10% of the funding is allotted for women-led startups.

But, the global female consumer market adds up the value of around 18 trillion US dollars, taking over almost 85% of global consumer spending. Looking at the fact, many government and private organizations are coming forward to focus on women-led startups.

The unique initiative taken by SHEROES will surely boost up women empowerment and will lead women towards a better future. We hope that Paytm's collaboration with the women-only platform will bore fruits in the future.

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