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American horror story 1984 season 9 recap and what you need to know

Author at TechGenyz Entertainment
American Horror Story 1984 Season 9
American Horror Story

The anthological series of Ryan Murphy American Horror Story 1984 season 9 returns to the small screen with a season that plays with the atmosphere of the eighties and the horror film genre. But, in addition, the new season promises a plot twist so unexpected as to surprise the most skimmed fans. What could it consist of? The answer seems to be even more surprising than on any other occasion.

The American Horror Story series returns with all the intention of surprising its fans, something that is not easy after eight seasons in which the gender anthology has gone through a multitude of different scenarios: from murders, macabre circuses to the 2016 elections and A nuclear apocalypse The show has touched all the nuances of terror in a convincing and original way.

However, season eight known as Apocalypse aims to overcome the particular version of fear created by Ryan Murphy that we have seen so far: with its mixture of eighties atmosphere and strange version of a slasher to use, the argument seems to mix several plot lines of An intriguing way. Or that suggests the careful promotion, which has surrounded the turn of the season of special secrecy. Can American Horror Story begin to travel the unique paths of metalanguage to a new dimension? All suggest yes.

According to several Reddit forums specialized in analyzing the plot of the series, everything that the promotion suggests suggests that in addition to using the classic slashers as an immediate reference, American Horror Story 1984 season 9 will also mix elements of a video game, a quirky combination that, However, it might make some sense if we take into account that already in Revelation there were some narrative threads that might suggest something similar.

The controversial previous season – which aroused criticism for what was called script failures and also, the apparent hurried pace of the story – already showed the possibility of choosing several characters that could survive a global catastrophe, a traditional format in the world of video games. The entire plot of Revelation focused on the prominence of various characters to create a version of the story directly related to their ability to survive; which could also be said of 1984, which has even been shown as a frantic race to escape a murderer. Could the similarity be the plot link that unites them?

Of course, the above is a very weak indication to conclude that both Revelation and 1984 are related to each other.

In spite of that, the evidence – or at least, what a good part of the fans have been able to conclude – is that the promotion of the new season is leaving in its wake very obvious clues of what you want to tell: from the fact that He just showed the cast of the series as a set of very stereotyped references, something also very common in video games, even the actors who see their pairs of television seasons — a kind of metalanguage game much more worked than expected—, the scarce information available suggests that 1984 It will not only be a great tribute to one of the classic horror genres of cinema.

Even if the plot twist of the season is not about something so convoluted, the very fact that it is titled as one of the great dystopia of literary history indicates that, perhaps, the whole schematic and simple image of the new chapters hide something more twisted and macabre. After all, American Horror Story has distinguished itself by making it very clear that in its world of horrors nothing is as it seems.