Across the years, Google Photos has become a popular app on both Android and iOS. It offers a bunch of useful features backed by Google’s machine learning algorithms. This makes it easier to organize your photos and videos.

Spotted in September, Google Photos for Android is now widely rolling out a redesigned bottom which makes it easier for viewing image info and taking actions. Now, Google Photos users can finally manually tag faces on their photos. The feature is said to be in development, and there’s no clear timeline on when it’ll ship.

Along with other features, Google Photos’ team is also working on letting users delete some photos or videos from their library while they’re browsing albums. Users will also be able to tag a photo or video as a favorite within a shared album, apart from liking it.

The new version 4.30 of Google Photos highlights the upcoming feature and reveals some information about how it may work when released. At present, Google Photos lets users remove wrongly tagged photos as it won’t even let users pick photos for adding them to a tagged face. It has also replaced the old overflow implementation as the new button is in the top-right corner that slides up the Info panel rather than opening a long menu with nine items.

Google has already added these new strings to the app and so it is expected that it shouldn’t be long before the feature arrives on a beta release.