The new version for WhatsApp 2.19.120 is rolling out for iPhone users. The new update for its iOS app brings a handful of new features in the latest update. New privacy settings and call waiting support are the highlights of the update, but other changes have also been added in the update too.

The update packs a useful feature in the form of call waiting for support, allowing users to receive another WhatsApp call while they are already on a call.

Additionally, the update also brings an updated chat screen display that makes it easier to quickly scan your messages. The update also packs the ability to quickly send your messages directly from the Braille keyboard when you are using the VoiceOver mode.

The update has also added a new privacy setting that allows one to control who can add one to WhatsApp groups. In order to get the new update click on the Settings>Account>Privacy>Groups and then chose any one option that is available – ‘Everyone’, ‘My Contacts’ and ‘My Contacts Except’. If the group admin is not authorized to add then the admin will be prompted to send a private invite which will expire after three days.

You can get the latest WhatsApp for iOS updates in the App Store to benefit from the newest improvements.