Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 19,237,831
    Confirmed: 19,237,831
    Active: 6,175,297
    Recovered: 12,346,005
    Death: 716,529
  • USA 5,031,989
    Confirmed: 5,031,989
    Active: 2,292,620
    Recovered: 2,576,584
    Death: 162,785
  • Brazil 2,917,562
    Confirmed: 2,917,562
    Active: 771,258
    Recovered: 2,047,660
    Death: 98,644
  • India 2,025,409
    Confirmed: 2,025,409
    Active: 606,387
    Recovered: 1,377,384
    Death: 41,638
  • Russia 871,894
    Confirmed: 871,894
    Active: 180,931
    Recovered: 676,357
    Death: 14,606
  • South Africa 538,184
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 538,184
    Active: 141,264
    Recovered: 387,316
    Death: 9,604
  • Mexico 456,100
    Confirmed: 456,100
    Active: 101,694
    Recovered: 304,708
    Death: 49,698
  • Peru 447,624
    Confirmed: 447,624
    Active: 120,966
    Recovered: 306,430
    Death: 20,228
  • Chile 366,671
    Confirmed: 366,671
    Active: 16,614
    Recovered: 340,168
    Death: 9,889
  • Spain 354,530
    Confirmed: 354,530
    Active: 326,030
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,500
  • Iran 320,117
    Confirmed: 320,117
    Active: 24,678
    Recovered: 277,463
    Death: 17,976
  • UK 308,134
    Confirmed: 308,134
    Active: 261,721
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 46,413
  • Saudi Arabia 284,226
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 284,226
    Active: 34,082
    Recovered: 247,089
    Death: 3,055
  • Pakistan 281,863
    Confirmed: 281,863
    Active: 19,770
    Recovered: 256,058
    Death: 6,035
  • Bangladesh 249,651
    Confirmed: 249,651
    Active: 102,521
    Recovered: 143,824
    Death: 3,306
  • Italy 249,204
    Confirmed: 249,204
    Active: 12,694
    Recovered: 201,323
    Death: 35,187
  • Turkey 237,265
    Confirmed: 237,265
    Active: 10,921
    Recovered: 220,546
    Death: 5,798
  • Germany 215,210
    Confirmed: 215,210
    Active: 9,758
    Recovered: 196,200
    Death: 9,252
  • France 195,633
    Confirmed: 195,633
    Active: 82,861
    Recovered: 82,460
    Death: 30,312
  • Canada 118,561
    Confirmed: 118,561
    Active: 6,489
    Recovered: 103,106
    Death: 8,966
  • China 84,528
    Confirmed: 84,528
    Active: 837
    Recovered: 79,057
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 56,982
    Confirmed: 56,982
    Active: 50,829
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,153
  • Australia 19,890
    Confirmed: 19,890
    Active: 8,694
    Recovered: 10,941
    Death: 255
  • S. Korea 14,499
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 14,499
    Active: 696
    Recovered: 13,501
    Death: 302
  • New Zealand 1,569
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,569
    Active: 23
    Recovered: 1,524
    Death: 22

How consumers are upgrading their homes with technology

Author at TechGenyz Contributor
Technology To Upgrade Homes
Smart Home Technology To Upgrade Your Homes

Technology has come a long way in the past few years. Companies are creating gadgets for just about every want and need that consumers have.

This rapid advancement and widespread availability are inevitably making these products more affordable than ever. What once might have been considered luxury items are now accessible to the average consumer.

Homeowners are taking advantage of these gadgets to upgrade their properties. Whether they use the devices for convenience, safety, or aesthetic reasons, we are seeing technology become an important part of today’s homes.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular upgrades homeowners are making.

Robo cleaners

With lives busier than ever, it seems that there’s never enough time to get chores done. Robo cleaners are a way that people are upgrading their homes to ease their daily load.

Robo Cleaner

Devices such as the Roomba make vacuuming a breeze. A Roomba is a robotic vacuum that moves around automatically. It has many components that allow it to efficiently clean while avoiding accidents.

For instance, infrared sensors keep the device from bumping into objects. The sensors are also underneath the Roomba to prevent it from falling down the stairs. Newer models have strayed away from random paths in favor of mapping out one’s living space.

Vacuums aren’t the only automated cleaning devices on the market. Homeowners are also using gadgets such as Robo window cleaners to automate their chores.

Universal remotes

People have remotes for countless devices around their home. There’s one for the TV, one for the speakers, etc.

Having so many remotes doesn’t just make it hard to find the right one; it can also clutter one’s living space.

Universal Remotes

This is why many consumers are turning to universal remotes. These handy gadgets make it possible to control multiple devices from one remote. It depends on the type, but they usually work by mimicking the signals they emit.

In short, universal remotes easily provide access to all of the tech in one’s home. They also help homeowners feel more organized.

Techy home decor

Nothing says modern and up to date like techy home decor. These pieces can go a long way toward providing the makeover your space needs.

A few ways people are “technifying” their home decor include:

Antibacterial pieces

From self-sanitizing door handles to antimicrobial floor tiles, there are plenty of neat products in this category. They keep you and your family healthy while providing a sleek, minimalistic look.


Faucets might seem like such a small detail, but they can really transform any bathroom or kitchen. The collection of cheap online mixers from Billiga Blandare Online offers many modern options. You can find everything from color-changing LED faucets to unique waterfall models.


Lamps can go a long way toward tying together a room. There are many high-tech options that make homes look like something of the future. They’re also functional, as many include features such as USB chargers and warm vs. cool light settings.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostats allow users to conveniently heat and cool their homes. Thanks to the compatible phone apps, one can adjust the temperature remotely.

Smart Thermostats

Users love this feature because they have control when they are away at work or on vacation. They can adjust it for their pets or set the ideal temperature for when they come home.

Another ideal feature of smart thermostats is their efficiency. They streamline their heating and cooling processes to save energy and money. They also monitor one’s standard usage patterns to utilize auto-adjust features.

Security systems

Security systems are the perfect way for a family to experience peace of mind. The installation process may involve setting up components such as surveillance cameras, smart locks, etc. Once everything is in place, residents can easily control the system from their phones.

Many systems come with a “smart doorbell” that allows you to monitor visitors. They have options for remotely locking and unlocking doors, granting guests temporary access, etc.

Plant gear

Whether it be for fresh produce or beautiful flowers, many people love the idea of having their own garden. Taking care of it is another story.

It takes a lot of commitment to maintain a good green thumb. Plants are often left to fend for themselves, especially when residents are away.

Self-watering systems are the perfect solution. Pots that sense the soil’s moisture deliver water at just the right time, while sprinkler timers can cover large areas of grass.

Try affordable home tech

These neat gadgets and devices enhance a home’s functionality and aesthetic.

In today’s world, the trend is more popular than ever before because these options are affordable. Now that the average consumer has access to many of these products, the possibilities of home decor are endless.