Mirror the Mac screen image efficiently on other devices: Just Stream

Mac users must be aware of the restrictions of usage of software and other devices which do not support iOS. With Just Stream, you can now cast your MacBook screen on external devices such as TV, Chromecast or Apple TV.

The mirroring is possible on non-mac products, as well. So now, when you want to watch your favorite movie, which is stored in your MacBook, mirror your Mac screen on your TV set, which belongs to a different brand.

Just Stream has made it a lot easier by bringing a user-friendly interface and a revolutionary option to directly cast from a Mac screen to a non-mac device wirelessly.

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Just Stream is a Mac mirror display app that helps threw everything from your Mac device to a large TV screen. The wireless feature makes it even more approachable to the users. It also does not involve downloading additional software to run the application of your MacBook.

Just stream supporting devices

You can easily download Just Stream from the authorized iOS download center, and you are ready to go. Wireless connection setup can be done quickly between a Mac device and other Mac or non-Mac devices.

Just Stream gives you the freedom of watching movies, videos, presentations, songs, and other visual and audio-visual clips from your Mac device directly cast on a large screen such as your smart TV. You can connect your Mac device to various TV brand devices such as:

  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • Roku TVs
  • LG TVs
  • Apple TVs
  • Chromecasts
  • Sony TVs

Features of Just Stream

Just Stream is a highly convenient and easy to use application. All you need to do is download it in your Mac device. While you want to learn about the wireless setting of the app with other devices, you would be guided through a step-by-step process that can be easy to navigate within the app. Before you download Just Stream in your Mac device, here are the special features you need to know:

1. Navigation output- Cursor movement and mouse click will be displayed on your TV screen as you control it from your MacBook.

2. Control over quality and display setting- While you install Just Stream and Stream, possibly any format of video or picture from your Mac to TV. You will have full control over quality and display settings. You can choose from Auto, Full HD, or HD options while you will have room for controlling the size of the display on the Television screen.

3. Create a playlist- Yes, you can create a playlist with unlimited short videos and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

4. Add a subtitle- With this feature, you can add a subtitle to the video you are casting on your TV. You can get almost all accessible subtitle format as you use Just Stream.

5. External and embedded audio- If your video is embedded with internal audio or it is using external audio, Just Stream works fine with both the options. And bring you perfect sync of audio-visuals on your TV.

Is Just Streaming worth trying?

Most Mac users complain about their inability to connect with non-Mac devices. It refrains them from streaming their content, which is in their Mac device to be cast on other TV sets. Sometimes we feel the need to connect to another device that has a large screen to see pictures, videos, and even presentations. 

To bring an answer to this problem, Just Stream has done excellent work. It is easy to download and easy to work with the app for iOS users. 

Although there are many other apps available in the market as well, which offers similar services. When you judge the features, extensive advantages, and quality deliverables, then Just Stream stands as a proven app for wireless Mac mirroring in non-Mac devices.

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