You can host harmonious virtual meetings by taking advantage of today’s crop of powerful but cost-effective business cloud resources. Steady growth in the deployment of remote workers has made it more vital than ever for business leaders to learn how to host virtual meetings – or hybrid meetings where some participants may attend in real-life while others participate via teleconference or video conference.

As you can imagine, the emerging need to conduct complex virtual meetings presents challenges. Nevertheless, a well-run virtual meeting can increase productivity and improve collaboration.

By learning how to leverage cost-effective cloud-based business tools, you can provide everyone with easy access to mission-critical business meetings. The following are a few tools that you can leverage to host stellar organizational meetings.

8×8 Video meetings

You can elevate your company’s meetings with 8×8 Video Meetings, which integrates with the tech firm’s proprietary Virtual Office. 8×8’s cloud-based, enterprise-grade video conferencing tool is a straightforward, one-click screen application. The one-click feature works with popular browsers such as Google Chrome and Windows Explorer.

Credit: 8×8 Video Meetings

What’s more, the cost-effective service enables you to host unlimited meetings with toll-free dial-in. It also features native integration for popular enterprise-grade apps and works with Single Sign-On and Active Directory.


Minute makes it easy to remember essential meeting points by enabling you to capture relevant information using a unified dashboard. It also enables you to create a meeting agenda independently or in collaboration with team members.

During the meeting, you can reorder the topics by dragging and dropping the agenda items using Minute. Meeting participants can receive real-time updates on their Android or iOS Device as well as their PC as the event progresses.

Also, you can provide participants with access to essential meeting documents right in the agenda using cloud-based resources such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Evernote. Meeting participants can annotate the documents in real-time and use them to create tasks and deadlines, assign owners and add decisions.

Team meeting timer

Team Meeting Timer is about as simple as it gets; set the meeting length for the desired time and that’s it. You might think you could use any time to track the progression of a meeting.

However, Team Meeting Timer offers a bold vision that you can leave upon a monitor in the conference room as well as in the frame of the video call where all participants – in the room and online – can keep track of the pace of the meeting. You can also add prompts to the timer, such as an indicator that it’s time to start wrapping up the meeting.

Credit: Team Meeting Timer

Many influences have converged to make virtual meetings a business necessity. Unfortunately, most virtual business meetings are boring and unorganized. This sentiment could spell disaster for your organization, as you need the full engagement of all participants to maximize your return-on-investment in the event.

By leveraging tools to keep your meeting on point, you can increase engagement and productivity. Most importantly, cloud-based videoconferencing technology – that costs relatively little – can help you to make a big improvement in your bottom line.

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