5 Benefits of 3D CT scans in manufacturing

3D Computed Tomography, or 3D CT scanning, is a great innovation to introduce to your business if you’re in the manufacture or product development industry.

It’s a non-destructive scanning technology that creates incredibly high quality and details 3D models of objects. By 2D radiography, and taking many hundreds of images of an object, complex software can rebuild the 3D object from these images and create a model you can use to virtually examine from every angle and into every nook and cranny. What advantages does this offer your business? Read on and find out.

A reduction in operating costs

Disassembling products for inspection takes a lot of time, and removing the need to do so by replacing this process with a 3D CT scan means you’ll save a lot of time on the inspection. You can now quickly inspect items or products that would have traditionally needed to be disassembled.

Heavily reduced product development time

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Any time you can save in the development time of your product means you’re spending less time on development and more time with a product in the market. This directly relates not only to a cost-saving on product development costs but more sales thanks to more market time.

By creating a 3D CT scan of your products, you can do product specification validations much quicker. The workflow of the pre-production of your product will be forever changed by the introduction of 3D scans.

The production ability is increased

Fully utilizing the 3D scan of your product means you’re able to do things like checking for voids and digitally measuring components. This can reduce the size or complexity of your manufacturing process, directly leading to an increase in production.

Product quality will improve

If you can identify potentially game-breaking flaws in your product design early on in the design and development process, you can make the changes that will improve your product quality right out of the gate. After all, the higher the quality of your product, the better chance you’ll have of meeting your customer’s high expectations.

A reduction in your recalls

Perhaps the most important of all reasons why 3D CT scans will benefit your manufacturing process is in the reduction in what can be a manufacturer’s biggest expense – recalls. Not only can your product be more robust and complete, which means the business cost of a recall is mitigated, but it can also save you money in inevitable legal fees if you do end up suffering from a lawsuit.

Anyone involved in product design and development can benefit from the many different things offered by 3D CT scanning of your products. Taking advantage of the real improvements that the process can make to your development cycle means that your business is more agile, and you can make more improvements more often, or even get products to market quicker. Having your product at your fingertips for you to fully explore inside and out and examine from every possible angle is one of the most powerful manufacturing advantages you can have.

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