Sony teases spider verse launch for 2022, Will it be movie or PS5 sequel game?

Author at TechGenyz Entertainment
sony spider verse movie or ps5 sequel
Sony Spider Verse teaser/ Credit: Sony Twitter

Sometimes silence speaks a lot of words and sometimes a lot of words together do not make any sense at all. A somewhat similar situation is happening with Sony lovers. You must be wondering what is all of these words and meanings! Well, all of these bewildering thoughts are because Sony has tweeted something very ambivalent. The tweets read, “October 7, 2022, 🕷️ #SpiderVerse. It reveals that sony is working on either Spider Verse movie or PS5 sequel game.

So now all the speculations are around this tweet. There is a mention of a date which is the 7th day of October of the year 2022. So we can assume something very interesting is about to happen on this date. Along with this is the confusing element. There is a spider emoji with a hashtag spider verse. Sadly we are gazing on and on, on it but we can still not fathom the real mystery behind the tweet.

There are many speculations about the tweet. Some are guessing Sony is very excited an upcoming movie that has got to do something with webs, I mean, spider. So is it a new Sony spider-man themed Spider Verse movie? Is Sony to be a partner of any such a movie? We are eagerly waiting to know.

The other idea about the tweet that is making the rounds is the possibility of a sequel PlayStation 5. PS5 is the home video game console which is the successor of PS4 and about to be launched late in 2020. So is the tweet meant for adding more curiosity to the upcoming version?

Well, we can see that we have remained in the pretty same condition shrouded with questions about the tweet. Time will only reveal what these set of elusive words placed so creatively mean. Till then stay tuned and look for more “webs”.