Whether you have some extra cash or a huge amount of capital, investing in cryptocurrency is something to look into. Cryptocurrency investments have the potential to generate huge returns, at the cost of high risk and great volatility. If you have been seeking good investment opportunities and you consider investing in cryptocurrency, you need to be aware of both the advantages and disadvantages.

This post will focus on the pros and cons of investing in cryptocurrency.  

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Let’s move on to the advantages and disadvantages of investing in cryptocurrency.

Pros and Cons of Investing in Cryptocurrency 

To give you insights on what to expect, here are the pros and cons. 

#1: Transparency 

Transactions made in Bitcoin are recorded and monitored using an open ledger called the blockchain. Once a transaction is completed, it cannot be changed. Furthermore, each transaction is verified and it can’t be manipulated by anyone.

#2: 24-hour accessibility 

You can spend your cryptocurrency funds, whenever and wherever you are. Accessing your funds is not limited to computers, you can even use mobile phones for transactions. Nowadays, Bitcoin is used across the globe by those who previously struggled to make transactions online.  

#3: Total control 

Digital currency users have full control over their funds and transactions, keeping things safe. All transactions made are independent of the individuals’ or parties’ identities, preventing identity theft from happening.  

#1: Lost Bitcoins are not recoverable 

Unlike banks where you can retrieve your account in case something happens to it, Bitcoins are not retrievable after they’re lost. Currently, there are no mechanisms that help recover lost Bitcoins.  

#2: It can be difficult to understand for some 

The idea of a decentralized financial system stored via blockchain is challenging for some people, especially those who are not familiar with how modern technology works. Due to this fact, some people choose not to trust the digital currency

#3: Market fluctuations may happen 

Like oil, cryptocurrency is subject to changing market prices. When investing in the digital currency, it is suggested to not let momentary price fluctuations make you believe that you made a bad investment. What you could do instead, is consider it a long-term investment


If you are still wondering whether to invest in cryptocurrency or not, if the pros outweigh the risks, it depends on your intentions. But in general, digital currencies are used by the majority in making investments, not in making purchases. The Bitcoin’s value has increased over time and it’s very likely to still rise in the future. This makes investing in cryptocurrency today a possible smart investment for the future.

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