Technology in education: What will teach our children?

The automation of the education sector is not only about mass online courses – it comes to schools, to home education, to study at universities. Only teachers of vocation are likely to be able to compete with machines.

Even in the distant future, it is still impossible to imagine the technology that can replace true talent and creativity based on the love of the business. 

Is the future in the machine? 

Despite a large amount of data on the world web, it will be people who will have to monitor the quality of information. But technology is already coming to their aid today.

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Teachers of educational institutions, holding classes for an average of 30 people, have to follow the educational program without stopping at the backward. In countries such as China, Japan, and India, it is difficult for thousands of young people to get an education because of the lack of qualified teachers and the excess of pupils in classrooms.

Artificial intelligence, flexibly adjusted to each learner, can help them gain the knowledge they need, and today they can use the paper writing service

Google adapts geolocation search results, Amazon recommends purchases based on previous ones, Siri analyzes user commands. Already today, artificial intelligence understands human needs.

In the same way that it identifies these interests by selecting a product for sale, Artificial Intelligence will be able to analyze a student’s ability to customize an individual training program.

Machine learning algorithms can collect test and progress data from users to give the right tasks at the right time. In the next 10 years, we cannot predict the exclusion of human factors in the educational environment.

However, in the long run – artificial intelligence will be able to replace not only teachers in schools but also private teachers. Services such as Duolingo and Carnegie Speech use IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and NLP for remote language learning. Today, using services like Coursera, millions of people get the information they need from the comfort of their homes.  

Speaking about the automation of teachers, we should understand that every machine is still taught by people. The knowledge base that is being introduced into the artificial intelligence is being integrated by today’s teachers.

The teaching profession will grow into something else. A person will need to master a new tool – an augmented intellect, which has already become an integral part of life for the majority.

It is invisibly present under the hood of many convenient services necessary for searching and processing important data in the information flow. Its role in our lives is growing rapidly unnoticed. We ourselves are happy to install applications that make life easier.

It is our desire for simplicity that generates the demand for augmented intelligence and raises the bar of competence for teachers. This is an inevitable development of the profession, just like the change of wooden accounts with accountants to Microsoft Excel

In the long term, we must realize that talking to a human professional, not a machine, will be valued much more. Employees of major companies such as eBay, Google, Yahoo today give their children to schools without computers because they suppress creative thinking.

A living teacher of the future will be able to get huge money just for being ready to give a student valuable experience and unique knowledge. But at the same time, the requirements for professional qualities will also increase due to fierce competition with cheaper automated work.

Only teachers with a vocation are likely to be able to compete with machines. Even in the distant future, it is not yet possible to imagine a technology that can replace true talent and creativity based on the love of the job. 

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