OnePlus along with its mid-range smartphone Nord is about to release its very first fully wireless headphones as OnePlus Buds tomorrow.

Coming with Dolby Atmos high range speakers and touch control system, OnePlus Buds is supported by Warp Charge, enabling seven to ten hours of continuous audio playing without any interruption. Color ranges of these wireless headphones have officially come out over an interview indicating color varying from black, white, and cyan.

No further notification has arrived on its specificity and users might have to wait till tomorrow’s official launch to explore its unique features. However, with the quirky yet pastel color adoption and charging bar on the display, it might harness the popularity that it has been targeting from the audience.

The official page has released a notify me button and twenty winners will be selected and given free vouchers to acclaim OnePlus Buds without spending a penny. To know more about the lucky draw rules and regulations, please refer to the OnePlus event.