Facebook is testing a new feature to further merge Instagram with itself

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Facebook will further merge Instagram with its Facebook app. The more the time is passing, the more Facebook is blurring the lines between Facebook and its other owned apps.

Now, the company is testing out a feature that allows its users to view Instagram stories from the main Facebook app. Previously, users had the option of sharing their Instagram posts or stories on the Facebook app. Now doing so would not be necessary since the users can view the Instagram stories from the Facebook app itself.

A few Twitter accounts have reported about this new merger. Later it has been confirmed by the California-based social media platform. With the newly added feature, if it is added in the future, Instagram users can choose to make their stories viewable to their followers on Facebook. The linking of both the apps is of course a prerequisite.

People on Facebook who don’t follow you on Instagram can’t see your Story,” Facebook says in a screenshot of the feature. You’ll see story views and replies on Instagram.

In a statement, a Facebook spokesperson mentioned, We’re testing a new feature that gives people the option to view stories from Instagram on Facebook, making it easier to view moments from people you care about, regardless of what app you’re using, – the spokesperson said.

To see Instagram Stories on Facebook, people must have their accounts linked and opt into the experience. This feature respects all existing privacy settings, and people on Instagram can choose to not have their stories visible on Facebook. This is a limited test for now, and we’ll be listening to feedback from our community.

The new feature is still in testing mode, and for Facebook to implement the new feature, it has to go through several testing periods. The company is also thinking about further merging the two apps by merging the Messenger and the DM section of both the apps, but that is for the future.

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