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The Huawei AI Speaker 2 is now available in Nebula White version. The Chinese telecom giant Huawei had launched the AI Speaker 2 in China following the original AI speaker that debuted back in October 2018. The new model came with obviously new features and with a minimal design. Furthermore, the AI Speaker 2 came in a portable version thanks to the in-built battery.

The Huawei AI speaker 2 is powered by the company’s own virtual assistant called the Xiaoyi. The White Nebula version also features Huawei Sound technology. It features a 10W speaker and has two bass units making it a 1.2 speaker system. However, on top of that, the speaker also supports the 5.1 channels.

The speaker is made of high-magnetic neodymium-iron-boron rare-earth speakers. The company claims that this material is more equipped to bring powerful sounds than the ordinary ferrite materials of other speakers. It is Huawei’s first smart speaker with a built-in battery.

The speaker features a 3900mAh lithium battery with a movable speaker position. It obliterates the need for a mobile and portable battery when it comes to using the speaker. The speaker measures 156mm x 110mm in size and weighs 580g for the non-battery version, and 650g for the built-in battery variant.

The battery model variant is supposed to deliver 5 hours of playback at default volume. The Huawei AI Speaker 2 Nebula White features one-touch voice transmission. It has four capacitive touch keys for volume up / down, mute, and multi-function. The speaker uses 2.4GHz WiFi, Bluetooth 4.2, and NFC for connectivity. It also has four microphones to capture voices clearly. The top part of the speaker comes with an LED ring.

The battery-free version is priced at 299 yuan and the battery version is priced at 399 yuan. The speaker is up for pre-sale.

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