WhatsApp ‘Vacation Mode’ with new features will arrive soon

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For those who are bothered by the nagging official notifications while basking in the beauty of a beach holiday or a mountain hike, WhatApp brings forward a new beta update for Android users, called the ‘vacation mode.’

This mode is quite specific, enabling users to mute personal chats for an indefinite period of time while trekking down the forest of green without even committing the ‘sin’ of blocking anyone.

Another feature is that unlike the standard archive option, where chats get automatically unmuted when a sender sends a message, the Vacation mode will ensure that the chat remains archived till not retrieved by the user. Moreover, this will benefit users to remove chat transcripts without deleting the conversation or blocking the sender.

WhatsApp’s new vacation mode further enables one to refuse from receiving any notification from the chat sender. Therefore no bothering chat window will pop up on the primary inbox page. This is quite beneficial in terms of the recent mode where the only way of obstructing receiving the notification is to block the person.

WhatsApp is currently trying to introduce more privacy-oriented features for a better user experience, one of which includes muting group chats to resist any unwanted and unnecessary group messages joined without the will of the user.

Another upcoming feature might also include disappearing messages, for privacy concerns that will ensure the chats to disappear automatically after a certain period of time without the harm of falling prey to any unwanted onlookers of the chats.

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