Breaking down the cost of Remote control blind to fuse into smart homes

With the advancement of technology and high demand for smart homes, where everything such as security, and lights are controlled in the central hub using a remote or a button. The remote control blinds are also a great option to integrate into your smart home. They are accompanied by various advantages such as freedom from unsightly cords, reduction on your home heating bills, and the ability to control your shades or blinds with a touch of a button.

Therefore, it’s important to know the cost of buying, installing, and maintaining a remote control blind.

The remote-controlled blinds cost will depend on three major factors: the type of motor you select, the type of window treatment you choose, and the installation cost. Let’s break down the cost of the blinds depending on the above-mentioned factors.

1. The type of motor

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The type of motor you choose will affect the cost of your remote control’s blind. There are a variety of motors to choose from depending on your budget. Investing your money to purchase a quality remote control blind system can save you money, time, and many maintenance headaches. In most cases, motors that fall on the lower end have a shorter warranty, mechanical difficulties, and can even be louder.

On the other hand, expensive motors for example some are made to last and perform for a longer time. A five-year warranty is generally seen as a good deal. The price of motorized blinds will vary from whether they are battery, plug-in, or hard-wired. The prices of the higher-end battery-powered motors range from $250 and above. It’s more advisable to examine the technical compatibilities of the selected motor which will affect the price, speed, and noise level before making any decision.

2. Window treatment

With your choice of motor, there are a lot of window treatments and several factors that will affect the cost of the blind. Before choosing the appropriate window treatment, it’s advisable to consider the following factors. These factors will affect the cost of your window treatment.

1. Material

Material is the main factor that affects the cost of window treatment. For example, real wood adds a unique natural look to your home but they are the most expensive window treatment. Aluminum is cheaper and is also more durable. There other friendly window treatment materials like bamboo or woven fiber that you can put into consideration. Therefore it’s good to put into consideration the tradeoffs between materials before making a choice.

2. Number and size of windows

For you to develop a sense of the cost of your window treatment, it’s important to spend time measuring your windows. The size and the number of windows will determine the type and size of the blinds to installing which in turn affects its cost.

3. Installation cost

You may need a professional to help you install your blinds which would incur an extra cost. This affects the cost of the whole process of buying and installing remote control blinds. Installation cost will vary depending on the number of your windows. Approximately, the installation cost may range between $35-$75 per window.

Considering the above-discussed factors, it’s evident that remote control blinds are available for all prices depending on your budget. That means your decisions and choices will determine the cost you will incur.

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