5 Things to check before selecting a web hosting partner


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Even if you have the best online platform, a mediocre web hosting provider can deteriorate the effectiveness of your site. With all the effort put into creating good content and choosing the right online site, it is essential to get the last step right.

A web hosting provider will take the responsibility of hosting your site but simultaneously give you complete control over it. Good hosting services like Fastcomet will offer you the support, security, and speed to run your site seamlessly. Check out a Fastcomet review for more information on their services.

Risks of choosing the wrong web hosting partner

If you don’t take the time to carefully weed out the web hosting providers that won’t work for your business needs, here are the negative impacts:

  • Your website will face more downtime than uptime and stay unavailable a majority of the time, customers will not be able to reach your site, and you will lose visitors over time.
  • Inadequate hardware to support the website will lead to slow loading speeds and, eventually, low conversions and higher bounce rates. Most customers do not wait more than 3 seconds for a website to load.
  • A second-rate web host will not offer good customer support. Without a sound support system, you will not be able to communicate in the time of emergencies.
  • Search engines register sites with frequent downtimes as low-quality sites. It will affect your ranking on these search engines.
  • Unreliable website hosting providers can shut down unannounced. Unless the host provides a registered domain name for you, you can lose all your site data.

Factors to consider when selecting a Web Hosting Partner

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Now that you have understood the disadvantages of settling for a substandard web hosting provider, here are the easiest ways to choose the right one for your business:

Server type

If you own a new site, then the number of resources you need is minimal. You can settle on a shared hosting plan which is affordable and covers your needs as a beginner site. As time goes by, your site grows, and your server must grow in accordance.

A web hosting plan that includes shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server hosting allows for scalability. The latter two are worth the investment, offering better performance, increased resources, and visible improvement in site speed.

Data Security

If your customers are inputting sensitive information on your site, there is no way you can compromise on security. An SSL protects your customer data by encrypting traffic and protecting your site from hacker attacks. SSL-certified sites are marked with ‘https:\\’ and enhance your viewers’ trust in your website and company.

If you are handling a single website, you can get an SSL certificate, but for many websites, you can choose a Wildcard SSL. Another advantage is that Google prioritizes websites with SSL certificates because they promise better security. So your website has a good chance of ranking higher on search engines.

Site requirements

You need to consider your website requirements when choosing your hosting provider. Here are certain decisions you need to make:

  • The bandwidth required for your site traffic makes a reasonable estimate of the amount of traffic that visits your site and chooses the appropriate bandwidth.
  • The number of domain email addresses you need for your team whether you use specific email addresses for each department or team member, come up with a rough figure and choose the appropriate web host.
  • The amount of media elements on your website require more disk space depending on the number of images, videos, and other media files on your site.

Network uptime

The ideal uptime standard is 99.95%. An uptime of 99.9% can cost you 43 minutes per month, and a web hosting provider that offers anything below that should be avoided. It can affect the reliability of your website among customers.

It is nearly impossible to find a site that guarantees 100% uptime. This percentage can work for a couple of months, but the site is bound to face some downtime in the future. So don’t fall for false promises of 100% downtime.

Customer service

You need to find a dependable web hosting provider with 24/7 customer support. Technical issues in your server can cost you thousands of dollars in revenue. If there is no one to resolve your technical issues through phone, email, or real-time chat, your site will suffer.

Also, ensure that you complete the regular updates required so that you don’t face any issues. Read the guides and FAQs provided by the web hosting provider before you start using their services.

Professional web hosting providers like Fastcomet offer premium services so your customers can enjoy superior website performance. Read a Fastcomet review and choose from the various hosting plans they offer.

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