5 Smart Home Features That Your Home Security System Should Have

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Home security is a crucial facet of every family. But when it comes to choosing between robust DIY systems and factory-made security systems installed by professionals, most people are usually caught in a conundrum. We all want to know that our abodes are safe, whether we’re at home or away. The best way to make any home burglar-proof is by incorporating a smart home security system that can detect all kinds of threats.

Today, you can use phone applications to access your home’s security systems. Such security apps allow people to monitor and control the safety of their homes while away at work or on vacation. Phone notifications can be sent to you promptly whenever there is a security breach in your home.

Here are 5 must-have smart home features to keep your home secure:

1. Smart Locks

These are Electromagnetic door locks that can be opened and closed through a phone app connected to the locks via Bluetooth or WIFI. Smart locks allow you to check the state of your doors on your smartphone if you suspect that you left your door open. You can open doors to your kids remotely when they come from school or to visitors. You can also monitor movements in and out of your home by checking how your loved ones use different codes. There is also an option of giving a virtual key to someone via text or email for opening the door within a set time.

2. Smart cameras

You can make your home more secure by installing smart cameras in different places. Outdoor cameras can be used to monitor the areas around your home. Some are programmed with motion sensors that automatically start recording whenever there is motion around your home. They send alerts to your phone when an intruder is detected. Some continuously record video footage and store them in the Cloud. Some have memory cards that store up to 24 hours 0f recordings before losing them. They can also be programmed to record footage at specific times. Some come with audio devices that can help you communicate with the person outside.

Indoor cameras can be used to monitor your pets or nanny. You don’t have to worry about the welfare of your child or furry friend whenever you’re away. You can monitor all that is happening to them on your phone.

3. Doorbell cameras

Doorbell cameras are usually fitted with motion sensors. They give alerts and record anyone knocking at your door. You get to see the individual who’s at your door before opening it for them. In case it’s a dangerous intruder, you have ample time to call the police. You can also open the door remotely through your phone via Bluetooth or WIFI without having to be present at the door.

4. Smart Sensors

Smart sensors for home security systems come in many forms. Door and window sensors give alerts when an intruder breaks into your home through the door or window. Glass break sensors give alerts when an intruder enters through broken glass.

These glass sensors are placed at the wall opposite a window. Sound from shuttered glasses is sensed by smart light bulbs and an alert is sent to your phone. You can call for help without delay. Contact sensors can be used for places like safes and cabinets. When a person touches them, an alert is sent remotely to your smartphone without the intruder knowing.

5. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors give you added security from fires. They are set to send an alert to your phone whenever there is a fire at home. They can even pinpoint the exact fire location making it easier for the fire to be extinguished by you or fire fighters. You don’t have to worry about your home catching fire and causing harm while you are away. In the case of a false fire alarm, you can turn it off using your phone without having to be present physically.

6. Smart lights

Smart lights are LED lights that have Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity, controlled by phone. They add to the security of your home. These lights come with motion sensors which when triggered cause the lights to be on. An intruder may be scared and stopped by the sudden full lights. You can avoid outdoor accidents at night by turning on the lights to your backyards or outdoor pathways remotely. You can turn on your smart lights on and off as per schedule to let your outdoors be well lit at night keeping away intruders. You can also have your smart lights on at night to give burglars the impression that you are at home even when you are away.

Having these features in your security system lets you have control of your home’s safety. You can have peace and be less worried about the safety of your home whether present at home or away from home.

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